Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 598

Chapter 598 Not Easy To Deal With

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Lin Siqing stomped over and looked at her from atop.

"Lin Wanxin, Im not here to watch you put on a show!"

Lin Wanxin ignored her. Instead, she found a small pair of scissors and started to cut the hairs of the poodle.

As she cut, she seemed to accidentally cut the poodles ear.

The poodle, who had lost half its ear, was bleeding profusely from the wound. It was so pained that it let out a scream and ran away.

"How pitiful."

Lin Wanxin shook her head and sighed. Lin Siqing looked at her sympathetic and pitiful look and felt the chills.

"Siqing, come over."

Lin Wanxin signaled Lin Siqing to sit by her side. Her slender fingers helped her to tuck in a messy strand of hair by her ear.

"Youre too impatient. You have to make your mark at the first shot. Lin Wanwans not easy to deal with. You need to consider things carefully before making a decision."

That fool in her memory was like a butterfly that had morphed. She had completely changed.

Lin Siqing pouted in dissatisfaction. "I saw that you hit it off with Lin Wanwan well just now. You couldnt have gone back on your words and no longer want to help me deal with her, right?"

Lin Wanxin laughed. "Youre such a cute fool. Dont forget who my real family is."

She patted Lin Siqings head as if she was teasing a pet. Although she had a gentle smile on her face, her eyes were scarily cold.

"Dont worry. Even if its not because Im taking revenge for you and Mother, I still wouldnt let her off."

For the past few days, the news of Lin Wanwan being labeled as the best actress by the Imperial Capital TV Festival swept over the Internet.

The trends in the entertainment industry always made people speechless. This time, no one questioned her acting skills anymore. When the major media outlets mentioned her, they were full of compliments.

Thanks to the award, not only did Lin Wanwan increase her popularity, her value and status in the entertainment circle increased as well. She became one of the hot favorites recently.

Regaining their normal lives, Gu Yien went out to film while Lin Wanwan rested in the hostel. As it was rare that she was free, she refreshed Weibo for a while. As she felt bored, she opened WeChat and sent Lu Zhanbei a message.

"Is there a venue for special fitness training in Yun Mansion?"

"Yes. Do you need it?"

"Heh heh, if Im free, I can go there to train."

"Up to you to use it."

In order to protect herself in the messy entertainment circle, the Lin Xiao in the past used to learn a lot of life-saving things.

Racing, fighting, mixed martial arts

Ever since she became Lin Wanwan, she had been busy climbing to the top. In addition, there was Lu Zhanbei to protect her; thus, she gradually neglected this aspect.

After several previous crises, she felt that she could no longer be lazy.

"Ill head over later, then."

"Ill wait for you."

Lin Wanwan got off the bed. As she got dressed, her mobile rang. Gu Yien had called.

She casually picked up the call and asked, "Whats wrong? Is anything the matter?"

Gu Yiens voice didnt travel from the other end. Instead, there was a series of exhilarating cheers.

"Wow, its really Lin Wanwan!"

"Yien didnt lie to us. You and Ball are really good sisters! Tell me quickly. How did the two of you know each other?"

"Can you help me get an autographed photo from Lin Wanwan? Or maybe introduce her to me?"

After she heard this, the smile on Lin Wanwans face sank bit by bit.

The smart her immediately guessed that Gu Yien was using her for bragging rights.

"Cough!" Gu Yien coughed and pulled back everyones attention.

Even if Lin Wanwan couldnt see her face, she could tell from her voice that she was smug now.