Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 599

Chapter 599 Dissatisfaction

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"Im friends with Wanwan. She cares about me and often teaches me how to improve my acting skills."

"Wow, is this true?!" Everyone was amazed.

Gu Yien swept her eyes across envious looks, and her vanity was greatly satisfied.

She was the third female lead in this TV drama and wasnt considered an important character. Coupled with the fact that she was a newbie, the people in the production team naturally wouldnt respect her but, instead, dedicated themselves to the male and female leads.

The limelight was on Lin Wanwan recently. When the actors and actresses talked about her, they were full of compliments.

When Gu Yien heard about this, she didnt feel too good in her heart. Thus, she said that she was close to Lin Wanwan. This invited a lot of people to question her.

She had no choice but to give Lin Wanwan a call to prove that she wasnt lying.

Gu Yien enjoyed the feeling of being respected and felt light-headed.

She lifted her chin and said, "Ok, Ill try conveying your requests to her now."

Everyone looked at her more fiercely now.

"Wanwan, could you"

Gu Yien smiled and started speaking. However, before she could finish her words, the call was hung up.

Du du du

The ear-piercing static noise traveled over. Gu Yien was stunned.

The supporting cast and the lead actors and actresses surrounding her were stunned at first. Then, someone gave a sarcastic sneer.

"Could it be that someone was thick-skinned and wanted to cozy up to a big shot but the big shot probably didnt even remember who this small fry was? Hahaha, what a joke!"

"She failed and got hit in the face instead."

"No show. Lets go!"

The sarcastic voices made Gu Yiens face turn as pale as paper. At this moment, she felt that she was a clown who made people laugh.

Only when she was left alone did she grip her mobile tightly.

"Lin Wanwan, Ive seen you wrongly!"

She initially thought that Lin Wanwan really treated her well. Now, it seemed that there was only that much to it!

She only wanted to lead a better life in the production team. Not only was Lin Wanwan unwilling to help, she even turned her into a joke!

Ding dong. Her mobile rang.

Gu Yien glanced at the screen mechanically and let out a mocking sneer.

It was a short message from Lin Wanwan.

"Yien, I know you want to get recognition quickly. However, I disapprove of such an act. Im your friend. It doesnt mean Im willing to be a tool to be used by you. I hope you understand that. Based on my experience, Im telling you, its best to remain low-key. Dont show off too much. The outstanding ones usually bear the brunt of the attack. Remember that."

After reading this, Gu Yien didnt feel comforted. Instead, she felt a trace of hatred in her heart.

What was this?

She had given her a slap and now pretended to be a good person?

"Wanwan, Im sorry. I was too anxious. There wouldnt be a next time."

She typed out a sincere and apologetic message with her slender fingers. However, there was no expression on her face at all.

"Thats good. Based on your potential, you will make it out there sooner or later!"

Gu Yien laughed coldly.

She couldnt fall out with Lin Wanwan now. She had to use Lin Wanwan to climb up step by step, then climb even higher than her. She wanted Lin Wanwan to envy her and then taste the humiliation she suffered today!

Lin Wanwan saw that Gu Yien had learned from her mistake and was comforted. She hoped that she could remember this lesson for a long time so that she wouldnt go on the wrong road in the future.

When she reached Yun Mansion, Lu Zhanbei was busy. Lin Wanwan headed to the gym alone first.

This body was really too weak. If she encountered an enemy, she could keep up with her mind, but her bodys reaction would be slow. She planned to train for a period of time first.