Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 6

Chapter 6 The Sarcastic And Mean Hag

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“No need.”

As he looked at the white figure gradually disappearing from sight, Lu Zhanbei raised his eyebrows. That pair of misty eyes displayed a meaningful smile with a hint of interest.

“Not only a fool, but also a lunatic.”

Gu Mo strongly felt that way too. Seeing that Lu Zhanbei was still looking in the direction where Lin Wanwan had walked off to, he immediately started rummaging around him.

“What are you looking for?”



“To celebrate Sir finally having an interest in women! I no longer have to constantly worry about my chastity anymore!’

Lu Zhanbei hooked a finger towards him and smiled harmlessly. “Come here.”

Gu Mo let down his guard and leaned over. He stuck his head out upon Lu Zhanbei’s signal to do so.


The back of his head suffered an open-handed hit.

Seeing his wronged look, the initiator gave a slight smile. “How was it? Did it sound as loud as a firecracker?”

Gu Mo was speechless.

Lin Wanwan spent approximately half an hour walking back to the Lin family’s place.

During this time, she carefully sorted out the original owner’s memories. She felt that the name Lu Zhanbei was very distant. Thus, she should not have met him before.

She had only one word to describe the original owner.


Her father did not dote on her, and her birth mother was no longer around. Her surrogate mother was a scheming hag, and her siblings treated her like a toy.

Although she was the second daughter of the Lin family, her position among them was even lower than that of a servant’s.

However, this poor girl had a decent-looking face. The hag had dressed her up and injected some unknown medicine into her body. She had sent her to Tang Chen for a night, in exchange for future opportunities of cooperation with the Lin family.

In the end, the original owner did not manage to wake up and passed away. This benefited her though.


The current Lin Wanwan, who was the famous actress Lin Xiao in her previous life, sighed.

She was not sure if God had pitied her and arranged for her to lead a life again in another body, having passed away in a car accident while saving a kid.

The original owner had been dealt a bad hand, though. Even Lin Xiao, who was deemed the youngest best actress in the entertainment circle, thought that it was a headache.

“Second Miss is back!”

She unknowingly walked to the gate of the Lin family’s villa. Some servants who were in the midst of cleaning immediately screamed and cheered loudly.

“Oh, what a miracle! She actually found her way back home. I thought she had been abducted and would not be coming back ever again!”

“Who will abduct a mentally handicapped person? She won’t be valuable when sold.”


The original owner was already used to such ridicule.

Lin Wanwan could not be bothered with them. There were plenty of opportunities to take care of this heartless bunch in the future!

With a disdainful look, Lin Wanwan crossed the garden and reached the living room.

The living room was magnificent and showed off the status of the nouveau riche.

She saw the hag, who was also her surrogate mother Tao Xinyue, sitting on the sofa made of real leather, watching television.

Tao Xinyue gave her a side glance, and her well-maintained face showed traces of intolerance. “Why are you back so fast? Has Tang Chen touched you yet?”

Lin Wanwan bent her head down and did not say anything, displaying the same fear the original owner had.

“Forget it. It’s useless asking you anyway.”

Tao Xinyue flicked her nails and showed a mean look.

“What is the use for the Lin family to raise such a fool like you? There’s nothing you know except getting into trouble. You can’t even service a man well! You haven’t inherited any seductive ability from your slutty mother!”