Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 60

Chapter 60 More Than Meets The Eye

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Lin Wanwan straightened her back and said confidently, “One fine day, I’ll prove to everyone that being my fan is nothing to be ashamed of!”

Her eyes were burning with passion, and her inner aura was brought out naturally.

Lu Zhanbei was confused by her vibe for a second, and his fingers ran through her hair subconsciously.

“Right, I believe in you.”


Lin Wanwan looked at him thankfully. She checked the time and realized that she was almost late for school.

It was as if the man had read her mind because he added promptly, “I’m going out too, I can drive you to school on the way.”

“Yo, thank you, boss!” Lin Wanwan laughed.

Wrong impression or not, she felt like Lu Zhanbei became a little bit nicer to her. He’s less impatient and more caring when he talks to her.

Did he really see her as his junior?

Fair enough.

When she gets close enough to her “senior,” no one would dare to bully her again.

After thinking through the benefits, she couldn’t help but give Lu Zhanbei her most gorgeous smile. It was so cute that he almost gave in to the urge to pat her.

He controlled his emotions and questioned, “Anything you need?”


Lin Wanwan blinked her puppy eyes and got into the car. Realizing that she had to meet Lu Zhanbei more often to be more to his liking, she said in an exploratory manner, “Filming will start this Saturday. You are welcome to visit me if you are free.”

“I may not be free.”


Seeing how disappointed she was, Lu Zhanbei’s heart softened.

“Maybe I will be.”


What the hell! Make a decision!

“Come if you are free, otherwise, it’s fine.”


After giving a simple response, Lu Zhanbei rested with his eyes closed. His face looked distant as usual.

However, he knew that his frame of mind was not as calm as it seemed.

At this moment, he felt that Lin Wanwan’s acting was terrific. She could always make him see her as a child and want to treat her better.

Half an hour later, the car stopped at the back gate of Imperial Capital High School.


Lin Wanwan alighted and waved to Lu Zhanbei before running off into the school compound.

He left after she completely disappeared from his sight.

While Gu Mo was driving, he suddenly recalled something important.

“Sir, I had settled the problem yesterday. Zhao Lin’s company will most likely go bankrupt within three days since we dropped our investments.”


“By the way, I think that a little girl like Ms. Lin would need a bodyguard since she has stepped into the entertainment industry Sorry, Sir.”

Gu Mo remembered the previous incident.

This time, Lu Zhanbei was not bothered by his question.

“Forget about bodyguards, why not buy her insurance if you’re so worried?”


“Might come in handy if she beats someone up.”


Gu Mo recalled Lin Wanwan tying the attackers onto the trees and recognized that he was worrying for nothing.

Lu Zhanbei’s voice turned chilly. “There’s more to her than meets the eye.”

Her ignorance and childishness were just fake fronts that she put on. Even Lu Zhanbei could be fooled sometimes, let alone Gu Mo.

Lin Wanwan knew that appearing in school would cause a commotion. She picked a narrow sidewalk and avoided the crowds like a criminal. However, when she reached the class, she was caught by students who lodged at the door.

“Lin Wanwan is here!” someone yelled. A crowd of students immediately surrounded her like locusts surrounding the summer crops.