Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 600

Chapter 600 The Two Exchanged Blows

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While Lin Wanwan was running, a certain dog barged in as well. It looked at her curiously with its tail wagging.

"Tianba, do you want to play as well?"


Lin Wanwan switched on the other treadmill and adjusted the speed to a very slow setting. The dog jumped on it, and it became very experienced not too long later.

It was not known when Lu Zhanbei had entered. He leaned against the wall languidly and watched Lin Wanwans rhythmic running.

She had exercised for over an hour. Her slightly sweaty face was flushed red, and her moving chest was extremely eye-catching.

He took a look only once and no longer shifted his gaze away.

Lin Wanwan saw him from the corner of her eye and snorted in disdain. "Hooligan!"

"Im admiring the fruits of my labor. I have brought them up myself."

"!" Lin Wanwan knew that she was in a lower position and no longer competed for dirty-mindedness with the filthy king.

After she had run her fill, she saw that Lu Zhanbei hadnt left yet. She suggested, "If you have nothing on, why not spar with me?"


Lin Wanwan glanced at the four-piece suit he was wearing and said, "You better have a change of clothes. If not, it would restrict your movements. I dont want to win without a fight."

"No need. Treat it that Im letting you win."

Lin Wanwan could not help but sneer. "High-fed young master, are you sure you can win against me?"

Lu Zhanbei raised his eyebrow and said with a trace of provocativeness, "If I cant even win against you, how am I qualified to press myself against your body in the future?"


Lin Wanwans temper caused by unwillingness to admit defeat surged up. "If I win, you will let me press myself against your body in the future!"

"Ok," Lu Zhanbei agreed and stopped for a while. Then, he added another sentence, "I can even let you fight with both hands."

Lin Wanwan was speechless. ""

Was this man too confident or did he deliberately want her to win to enjoy the feeling of being pressed on?

Lin Wanwan cracked her bones and brought out her best condition.

"Lets start!"

As the words fell, she rushed over like a small cannonball.

Lu Zhanbei really placed both hands behind his back. He titled his body and avoided Lin Wanwans punch.

Lin Wanwan didnt panic. She stopped in her tracks and tried to grab his hand.

Without waiting for her to make a move, Lu Zhanbei had moved his feet agilely. At the same time that hed tilted his body, he didnt forget to sneak a kiss on her face.

"Again!" Lin Wanwan gritted her teeth. She clenched her fists and rushed forward again.

She swept her legs out, but Lu Zhanbei avoided them easily again.

Compared to Lin Wanwan, who had made a Herculean effort, it was as if Lu Zhanbei was taking a casual stroll. His lips were curved into an evil arc, and he touched her hands and grabbed her waist from time to time. He even mumbled in disdain, "Its a pity you wont ever be able to press yourself against me."

Lin Wanwan could not wait to punch him into a pigs head. Then, she realized sadly that she didnt have such an ability.

Since she couldnt do it with a hard tactic, she could only try a soft tactic.

Lin Wanwan moved her eyes. She retreated a few steps and did a run-up. Then, she flung herself onto Lu Zhanbei.

Mr. Lu was satisfied with the beauty throwing herself into his arms. He grabbed her waist with both hands and was about to kiss her further.

The young girl in his arms suddenly softened her body and cried out in pain, "Oh my, Ive sprained my waist. Its so painful"

Lu Zhanbeis face immediately changed, and he lay her down on the floor.

However, without waiting for him to check on her injury, Lin Wanwan used her long legs to secure the mans strong waist and did a body flip.

Unprepared for this, Lu Zhanbei was pressed to the floor by her.