Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 601

Chapter 601 From Today On Im The Female Owner Here

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Lin Wanwan positioned herself on top of him and laughed smugly.

"Mr. Lu, hows my trick of using self-injury and beauty? Indeed, all is fair in war!"

Lu Zhanbei looked at her smiling face. He suddenly sat up and kissed her lips directly.


Lin Wanwan pushed him twice but didnt manage to push him away. Gradually, she fell for his skillful techniques and complemented him.

Forget it. She was going to treat this as compensation for tricking him.

Lin Wanwan didnt expect that her condoning Lu Zhanbei would lead him to take things for granted.

Not knowing since when, she found that the vest and sports shorts on her body had been removed. Her sky blue lace bra made her skin seem paler.

"Lu Zhanbei"

Lin Wanwan placed both hands on his chest, signaling him to stop here.

As she looked up, she saw a pair of rounded dog eyes.

The dog was squatting on the side and seemed to be looking at this scene with relish.

Lin Wanwan was speechless. ""


Hearing Tianbas excited cries, she really could not wait to find a hole to drill into. She flew into a rage out of humiliation and pushed Lu Zhanbei away. She quickly got dressed.

Lu Zhanbei sighed in regret. He swept his eyes across Tianba and could not help but pinch its chubby face.

"You cant spoil my plans just because youre a single dog. Ill find you a beautiful partner tomorrow. Remember to take the hint in the future."

"Woof, woof, woof!"

"Good dog." Lu Zhanbei seemed to understand dog language. It was rare for him to pat its head gently.

Lin Wanwan could neither cry nor laugh at their teasing.

At this moment, Uncle Ying walked over. He held back his words for a while. "Sir Ms. Yue Xin is here."

The smile in Lu Zhanbeis eyes immediately disappeared. "Who let her in?"

"Old Masters confidant personally escorted her here. The guard posted dared not stop them."

"Where are they?"

"Theyre already in the living room."

Lu Zhanbei frowned and looked at Lin Wanwan. "Go and change your clothes first."


Lin Wanwan went to the changing room to change her clothes. She wondered why Yue Xin would come over to Yun Mansion.

Could it be that Lu Zhengyu picked Yue Xin to be a substitute after knowing that Shen Zhiyi no longer wanted to be together with Lu Zhanbei?

If that was really the case, Lin Wanwan could only say

It was true love Yue Xin had for Lu Zhanbei.

A big missy was actually willing to be a spare tire that was at ones beck and call for Lu Zhanbei.

Lin Wanwan changed into a set of casual wear and headed to the main building via the connecting stairs between two buildings.

When she reached the stairs on the second floor, she heard Yue Xin ordering people arrogantly.

"Why are all of you standing there? Quickly help me move my things up to the bedroom upstairs! From today on, Im the female owner here!"

It was as if the servants, who saw Uncle Ying as their head, didnt hear her, and they didnt move at all.

Yue Xin was about to rage when she saw the young girl walking down slowly from the stairs.

"Lin Wanwan!"

Yue Xins new and old hatred surged up together. She resisted the urge to personally give Lin Wanwan a lesson and snorted coldly. She ordered the people she brought along, "Go over there and throw this woman and her belongings out. A vixen like her living here would only pollute the air!"


Not only did Yue Xin bring along quite a number of servants, she also brought along two burly bodyguards.

They responded and walked toward Lin Wanwan.

"Uncle Ying."

Nobody responded when Yue Xin ordered Uncle Ying previously. Now that Lin Wanwan opened her mouth, he immediately responded, "Please give me your instructions, Madam."

Ah Madam?