Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 602

Chapter 602 Throw Them Out Together

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Lin Wanwan touched her own tender face and didnt refute him.

She walked down slowly. Without giving Uncle Ying a chance to protect her, she rushed before those two bodyguards. She clasped one of their wrists and flung it hard.

With a bang, that person fell heavily to the floor!

The other person was shocked and quickly made a move. However, before he could even touch Lin Wanwans sleeve, he was already punched in the face.

All the servants Yue Xin brought along were also caught under the orders of Uncle Ying.

Lin Wanwan clapped her hands. She had finally found her self-confidence.

She couldnt win against Lu Zhanbei. That didnt mean she was unable to handle a few underlings.

Upon witnessing this scene, Yue Xin was so angry her face was flushed red. "Lin Wanwan, you"

"Well done," a cold voice interrupted her.

Lin Wanwan looked at Lu Zhanbei, who was slowly walking over. She raised her eyebrow and said, "Im sorry. As a guest, I actually hit the female owner here."

"Isnt the female owner you?"

Lin Wanwan rubbed her lips and smiled.

Yue Xin rushed in front of him angrily. She was like a game fowl with a powerful aura. "Uncle Lu has already promised the matter between us. Im the female owner here. Get Lin Wanwan out immediately. You are not to see her ever again!"

The way she said so matter-of-factly made Lu Zhanbei curve his lips. "You think the old man can make decisions for me?"

Yue Xin became stiff. "I dont care. Anyway, Uncle Lu has already promised"

Lu Zhanbei could not be bothered to listen to her. "Find whoever it is who promised you. If you really cant wait to get married, marry him. The old man is not young anymore. If you wait for him to die, everything from the Lu family will be yours."

"" Lin Wanwan wanted to faint.

Yue Xins eyes turned red. "You clearly know that the person I like is you!"

"So?" Lu Zhanbei snorted coldly. "You like me so I have to marry you? On what basis should I suffer for someone whom I dont like?"

There was no suspense. Yue Xin was speechless.

Since she couldnt win against Lu Zhanbei, she could only take it out on Lin Wanwan.

"Brother Zhanbei, dont be fooled by Lin Wanwan. Putting on a pretense is her specialty. A small actress like her doesnt truly love you. She just wants to cheat you of your money!"

Lin Wanwan chuckled. However, Lu Zhanbei looked like he was released from a burden.

"If thats really the case, its great."

Yue Xin was stunned. She heard him continue, "I have confidence that she wouldnt be able to cheat all of my money in this lifetime. That way, she would never leave me."

It was as if Yue Xin had been struck by lightning! Her face was flushed red. At the same time, she was so envious that she could not wait for herself to change into Lin Wanwan right now.

After a short while, she screamed with reluctance, "What exactly did this vixen give you that youve been charmed to this state!"

Lu Zhanbeis eyes turned cold. "If I hear you say anything about her again, dont blame me for letting you leave lying down."

Upon hearing this, even if the angry Yue Xin sensed danger, she could no longer control herself.

"I want to say it! Lin Wanwan is a shameless vixen. She is a lousy third party who specializes in seducing others fiancs. Shes shameless and a slut"

She had not yet finished berating Lin Wanwan when both her arms were buckled.

Yue Xin turned back and saw two men restraining her, one on the left and one on the right. She shouted in a panic, "Let me go! If you dare touch even a single strand of my hair, the Yue family will not let you off!

Lu Zhanbei said expressionlessly, "Throw both the person and her belongings out."