Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 603

Chapter 603 The List Of Love Rivals

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As Yue Xin struggled hard, she shouted with exasperation.

"Lu Zhanbei, you are my fianc but you actually chased me out for another woman! Arent you afraid of being a laughing stock?! Lin Wanwan, you dare to snatch my man away. Wait and see. I will definitely make you pay the price!"

Regardless of how unwilling Yue Xin was, she was eventually dragged away. The people and belongings she brought along were also thrown out of Yun Mansion.

In the end, Lu Zhanbei gave a death order. "This woman is not allowed to step foot here in the future. Offenders will be treated as traitors."

Yun Mansion finally restored its peace and quiet.

Lin Wanwan leaned against the sofa lazily. She pinched her nose with one hand and teased in a funny voice, "Mr. Lu is so popular~"

Lu Zhanbei looked at her. "As popular as you?"

"Im not as charming as you are."

Lu Zhanbei began to read out the list of love rivals. "Tang Chen, Shen Zhiyi, Si Han, Fu Zhinian, Luo Han, Ruan Qinghe and the male and female fans on your Weibo who kept saying they want to give birth to your child every day. Arent you quite flirtatious?"

Even Si Han and Fu Zhinian were on the list. Lin Wanwan had to give it to him. She raised both hands up in surrender.

"Sure. Continue to add on to this list of love rivals. Ill take a shower first."

After showering, Lin Wanwan felt tired as well. She fell asleep and had a good nights sleep.

The next day, she went to the production studio to film her acting scenes. After that, she went to the winery to look for Si Han.

Once she entered the door, the new maid Ruan Baoer immediately served her a cup of jasmine tea.

Si Han nestled himself lazily on the sofa and enjoyed the massage service provided by Ruan Baoer. "Its good you came over. Coincidentally, I wanted to look for you for something."

"Whats that something?"

"I accepted an endorsement for you. Have you heard of Shangmei International Corporation?"

Lin Wanwan nodded in acknowledgment. "Its very famous. Its targeted primarily at the high-end womens market and is involved in womens clothing brands, jewelry, perfume, etc. Their perfumes are exceptionally famous. The Midnight Charm series they launched two years ago was very popular overseas."

Si Han nodded. "The second series of Midnight Charm will be launched soon. Shangmei would like you to endorse them. If you agree to this, Ill reply to them later."

"Ok." It was such a good endorsement. One would be a fool not to agree.

At this moment, Ruan Baoer mumbled, "Shangmei why does this name sound so familiar?"

Lin Wanwan didnt hear clearly what she said. "Baoer, what did you say?"

Ruan Baoer was about to say something when she saw Si Han raise a hand lazily.

"Its 4:30 pm. You should start preparing dinner."

" Oh."

Lin Wanwan looked at Ruan Baoers aggrieved back and could not help but glare at Si Han. "You better not overdo it. If the Ruan family finds out you have been bullying their little princess, they will hack you to death."

Si Han sneered disapprovingly. "Im helping the Ruan family teach their daughter. Its already very good of me not to ask them for tuition fees."

Lin Wanwan choked and got down to business. "The Distance Just for You is progressing very well. I want to take on another TV drama. Help me keep a lookout for any challenging characters."


For the next few days, besides going for lessons occasionally, Lin Wanwan spent most of her time filming at the production studio or training her fitness at Yun Mansion.

Then, the director of the product department of Shangmei Corporation contacted her. They wanted to organize a large-scale signing ceremony and use this opportunity to do a warm-up for the new product.

Lin Wanwan thought that this would also be a good opportunity for her to interact with her fans and, thus, agreed.

The venue of the signing ceremony three days later was at Youth Square