Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 604

Chapter 604 There Was A Show To Watch Again

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The first floor of Youth Square had long since been packed with people. It was filled with Ball fans who came from all over the place and wanted to have some intimate interaction with their idol, as well as with some onlookers who were interested in watching the excitement.

On the stage, the director in charge of this event had also taken on the role of a host.

He briefly introduced some of the companys new products. In the end, under the audiences impatient urges, he said loudly, "Let us now give a warm round of applause and welcome the popular starlet who is about to sign a contract with our Shangmei International Corporation, Lin Wanwan!"

Amidst the applause, Lin Wanwan got on stage elegantly.

"Ms. Lin, hello."


Both of them shook hands and started to talk about some pre-discussed topics.

After the interaction, the staff presented a contract that had already been drafted.

Lin Wanwan had already taken a look at it previously. As she was cautious, she still used her extraordinarily retentive memory to scan through the contract once. After confirming that there were no issues, she picked up the pen.

The director, who was on the side, used an exaggerated tone to tease the audience.

"Everyone, dont be anxious. After the successful signing, Ms. Lin wouldnt leave yet. She would randomly select one hundred lucky audience members and give out the companys new product trials to them. If youre lucky, you stand a chance to be hugged by her too!"

Upon hearing this, the crowd cheered.

"Ball, quickly sign it!"

"Ball, I want to kiss and hug you!"

Lin Wanwan smiled. When she saw Ruan Baoer mingling in the crowd, jumping and waving at her, she could neither cry nor laugh.

The tip of the pen was aligned to the signature column and was about to land.


An arrogant female voice pierced through the noisy environment and into everyones ears.

Lin Wanwan stopped in her tracks. Everyone could not help but shut their mouths and look over as well.

A fashionable young woman wearing high heels was walking over slowly from the right. She was wearing sunglasses, and there were a few bodyguards following her by the side. Her aura was powerful.

Lin Wanwan squinted her eyes slightly. It was Yue Xin.

Yue Xin walked past Lin Wanwan and didnt even look at her from the corner of her eye, as if Lin Wanwan was not fit to be in her line of sight.


She stopped in front of that director and gave him a slap.

The man was stunned. The audience below were shocked too.

"Big missy"

Yue Xin looked all mighty and superior. She started to lecture, "Shi Xin, how do you do your work? Shangmei is my mothers company. You allowed a shameless and brazen third party to be the spokesperson of the companys product? Did water enter your brains? Or did you deliberately want to trash my mothers face?!"

Shi Xin looked absent-minded.

It was obviously this big missy who had said that Lin Wanwan was very suitable to be the spokesperson of their brand. Why did she turn her back on him now?

Yue Xins words were like a heavyweight bomb. Everyone in the audience looked enthusiastic.

Lin Wanwan was a third party?

There was a show to watch again!

Yue Xin took the original route back and stopped next to Lin Wanwan. She started to say harsh and sarcastic words to her.

"Its considered our negligence this time around. Im very sorry to inform you that you wouldnt be getting this endorsement opportunity. You even dare to snatch my fianc away. How dare you expect me, his legitimate fiance, to tolerate you being the spokesperson for my familys company?

"Lin Wanwan, I know its not easy being a celebrity. However, in order to marry into a rich and powerful family, you actually even dared to snatch away someone elses fianc. Ill give it to you for your shamelessness!"


Everyone started to discuss this fervently.

These words revealed a message: In order to play up to people of power and influence, Lin Wanwan didnt mind being a third party and snatching away the fianc of a big missy from a large corporation.