Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 605

Chapter 605 The Princess Makes A Grand Entrance

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"Oh my, I didnt expect Lin Wanwan to actually be such a person!"

"No, I dont believe Ball would do such a thing. This is just that womans side of the story. Theres no evidence. They cant be believed!"

"She is a famous daughter from a prestigious family. Why would she malign a female celebrity without rhyme or reason? Think about it. Regardless of how famous a female celebrity is, she would want to climb up and transform into a phoenix. Even Qiu Sitian, who won the best actress award in the Silver Deer Movie Festival, was a third party before!"

"Disgusting. I hate this type of rubbish third party the most!"

Both of their identities were displayed one high, one low. Everyone very naturally leaned toward the rich and powerful big missy.

A trace of smugness flashed past Yue Xins eyes, as if telling Lin Wanwan:This is what you get for snatching my man away!

Lin Wanwan curved her lips coldly. It turned out that all of this was a setup.

The signing of the contract was a bait. Todays ceremony was a trap.

Yue Xin wanted to make use of public opinion to cause her reputation to go down the drain.

Was that all she got?

"If I stop in front of a couple one day and said to that girl, Hey, you and your boyfriend were only together for a year. However, Ive liked him since two years ago. You shameless third party. You dare to snatch my boyfriend away! Ms. Yue Xin, do you think this is logical?"

Yue Xin could tell that she was pointing at one but abusing another. She rebutted angrily, "But we are already engaged! Youre the third party!"

As these words fell, a figure passed through the security guards and quickly got on stage.

With a slam, Ruan Baoer gave Yue Xin a kick!

There was another round of turmoil below the stage. Everyone was speculating which gutsy Ball fan actually dared to lay a hand on a person with such a background.

Yue Xin was thrown to the floor. She even rolled around in a sorry state. The bodyguards next to her immediately rushed over and helped her up.

"You you dare to kick me?"

Yue Xin, who had been pampered since young, tasted pain for the first time in her life. She gritted her teeth and touched her aching buttock with a look of incredulity on her face.

Ruan Baoer completely ignored her. She turned and looked at Lin Wanwan.

"I know youve been wanting to hit this bitch since a long time ago. If youre too embarrassed to do so, Ill help you hit her!" After saying this, she stuck out her tongue. "I didnt control my strength well just now. My leg hurts a little."

Baoer was really her close friend. If not for the fact that they were in public, Lin Wanwan would indeed have started to hit her.

Yue Xin, who had recovered herself, was completely angered. "You damned woman! Come here! Take this woman"

Without waiting for her to finish her words, Ruan Baoer stepped forward. As she pulled her collar, she leaned forward and used a voice that only the two of them could hear, "Do you know how many underlings my Ruan family has? Dont you know that with one order of mine, with a punch from each of them, even if you have a hundred lives to spare, they wouldnt be enough?"

"Big missy!"

The few bodyguards that Yue Xin had brought along witnessed this scene and immediately wanted to rush over.

Ruan Baoer turned her head. Her usual cute, dazed, and obedient look was gone. Instead, she looked slightly cold.

"Who dares to come over?!

She lifted her chin. Her innate powerful aura made those bodyguards subconsciously stop in their tracks.

Yue Xins eyes shone. Ruan family?

She sized up the similar eyebrows between Ruan Baoer and Ruan Qinghe and blurted out, "You are Ruan Baoer?"

Ruan Baoer snorted coldly and loosened her grip on her collar.

"Youre Yue Xin, right? Ball is my best friend. If you dare to hurt her, Ill get my brother to shave off all your hair and send you to a temple to be a nun!"