Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 606

Chapter 606 Eat Sleep Create Babies

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Ruan Baoer turned around and grabbed Lin Wanwans hand. Before getting off the stage, she grabbed the microphone from the directors hand.

"Lin Wanwan is definitely the most beautiful and kindest girl Ive ever met in my life. Can those brainless people use their buttocks to think? If her character was really corrupted, dont you think Si Han would rather hit himself in the face than be her manager? Isnt that foolish?"

Everyone looked at one another. Their lips twitched, and they were in deep thoughts.

"Sister Ball, lets go!"

Lin Wanwan ignored the whisperings below the stage and asked in a low voice, "Baoer, were you complimenting me just now, or were you using it as a disguise to compliment Si Dada?"

Ruan Baoer immediately changed from a cold and glamorous princess to a happy girl-next-door. "Heh heh, both~"

"Si Han has abused you so many times but you treat Si Han as if hes your first love. I seriously suspect youre into masochism."

"What a coincidence. Im beginning to suspect that myself."

Yue Xin looked at their backs and gritted her teeth angrily.

"Lin Wanwan, youre just a small actress. Im the one with equal social standing as him. Not too long from now, Uncle Lu will organize an engagement party for us. You better not overdo it and stop harassing my fianc! If not, dont blame me for being nasty!"

Ruan Baoer flung her sleeves. "Damn. Did this woman turn a deaf ear to my warning just now? Im going to sew her rotten mouth up now!"

"Dont be impulsive."

Lin Wanwan pulled her back and didnt turn around. She said a sentence plainly.

"The era of matchmaking by order of ones parents and on the matchmakers word has long become history. Its up to you if you prefer to deceive yourself. However, remember that we are not obliged to cooperate with your hypochondriasis."

These words angered Yue Xin so much that she trembled.

Lin Wanwan felt that there was a need to clarify herself. Thus, she turned and faced the audience.

"I dont want to explain much about this farce. I just want to tell everyone this. Even if there were only one man and two women left in this world and Im coincidentally the one who is single, I wouldnt be a third party to destroy other peoples relationships.

"Number one, the bottom line for my morals has always been there. Number two, I dont suffer from hypochondriasis."

The last sentence very prominently pointed out who was the one causing trouble.

Lin Wanwan took a bow and quickly got off the stage.

Yue Xin, who stood still at the original spot, stomped her feet. She laughed slyly and said ruthlessly, "Indeed an actress. The words she said are better than singing. A third party! Slut!"

She flipped her hair and walked away angrily.

The news of "Lin Wanwan becomes a third party and comes in between a fiance from a prestige family" slowly spread. The onlookers were also divided in their opinions.

There were quite a number of people who believed this. After all, there were a lot of examples where female celebrities in the entertainment circle destroyed other peoples marriages so that they can get their hands on a rich and powerful husband.

There were also a number of people who felt that these words were just Yue Xins side of the story. Lin Wanwans rebuttal was firm and powerful, and she didnt seem to be lying.

There were heated discussions on the Internet regarding the truth of this matter.

Ruan Baoer held a bunch of candied haws in her hand. As she ate with gusto, she said, "Sister Ball, youre so unaffected. Having been together with Lu Zhanbei for so long, you should have long made your relationship with him public."

Lin Wanwan played with her hair lazily. "I just want to be a pretty actress who films quietly."

Lu Zhanbei was too high-profile. She hoped that everyone would focus on her acting and not her love life.

Ruan Baoer rolled her eyes. She bit off the remaining candied haws.

"Si Han gave me a day off today. I havent been out for a long time. Do you want to spend it together with me?"

"No." Lin Wanwan thought for a while. "Ill find Si Han later."

Ruan Baoer looked at her warningly. "A man and a woman together in a room. What do you want to do to my Si Han?"

"Eat, sleep, create babies."

"You dare?!"