Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 607

Chapter 607 Strike Again

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Ruan Baoer pounced over with her teeth bared and claws outspread. Both of them rolled around on the sofa.

After a long time and under the repeated assurances of Lin Wanwan, Ruan Baoer finally let her off. She changed into her Lolita dress and headed out, satisfied.

The third-party rumor on the Internet was like a raging fire. Lu Zhanbei, who liked to look at Lin Wanwans Weibo as and when he was free, naturally saw it the first instant.

Those unsightly comments made his pupils darken.

It looked like the lessons given to Yue Xin were far from enough.

"Gu Mo."

Gu Mo, who was standing outside the door, immediately entered. He shook the mobile in his hands and smiled cheekily, "Sir, I have already seen the news. Give me your orders. Do you want to acquire Shangmei Corporation or get Mo Jiushang to bring his men to destroy it?"

Before Lu Zhanbei could give his orders, the internal telephone on the table rang.

Even if Lu Zhanbei didnt see the caller ID, he knew that the old man had called.

"Hello." That one word alone was full of intolerance.

Lu Zhengyu didnt have the intention to talk nonsense to him as well. He went straight to the point, "You want to lay a hand on the Yue family?"

Lu Zhanbei laughed coldly. "Youre indeed my real father. You understand me so well."

Lu Zhengyu suppressed the urge to stab this unfilial son to death.

"I dont allow it!"

The imperative tone made Lu Zhanbei raise his eyebrows. "The moment you took the matter to your hands and agreed to Yue Xin being my fiance without my permission, you should have known that there would be a day like today. What capital do you think you have to stop me?"

Lu Zhengyus face sank. As a superior, he couldnt tolerate such provocation.

However, he also understood clearly that Lu Zhanbei was no longer the puppet from the past that he could manipulate easily. Indeed, he could no longer control him.

Sensing the anger beneath Lu Zhengyus silence, Lu Zhanbei sneered.

"If you have nothing else to say, Ill get going first. Since you care so much about the Yue family, why dont you put in more effort and help them clean up this mess?"


Before Lu Zhanbei hung up the call, Lu Zhengyu said gloomily, "You can work against the Yue family and fall out with your birth father for a woman. However, are you still bent on having your own way if your insistence causes Lin Wanwan to hate you?"

Lu Zhanbei squinted his eyes. "What do you mean?"

Lu Zhengyu just uttered six words. "Si Han is in my hands."

Lu Zhanbeis face sank at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Lu Zhengyu could feel his hidden anger and could not help but laugh.

"I never thought that I would actually give birth to a sentimental person. Indeed, Im at my wits end when it comes to you. However, Lin Wanwan seemed to be in a good relationship with her manager. If this Si Han dies in my hands because of your stubbornness, do you think Lin Wanwan would hate you?"

What answered him was Lu Zhanbei hanging up the call without any hesitation.

Lu Zhanbei dug out his mobile and called Si Han.

"Sorry, the number you have dialed is currently unavailable"

Lu Zhanbei didnt continue to call him. He sat down slowly.

He had to say that the old man had grabbed hold of his weakness.

He could ignore everything, but he could never ignore Lin Wanwans feelings.

However, even if that old man was slightly capable, Si Han wasnt someone who could be taken care of easily.

He was actually captured so easily?

Lu Zhanbei couldnt figure it out.

Just when he was hesitating if he should inform Lin Wanwan about this or not, Gu Mos face changed immediately after picking up a call!

"Sir, theres trouble. Ms. Lins missing!"