Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 608

Chapter 608 Si Dadas In Trouble

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Lu Zhanbei raised his eyebrows and turned around. "When did this happen?"

"Ruan Baoer contacted me just now. She returned to the winery five minutes ago and realized both Si Han and Ms. Lin are not there. She gave a call to Ms. Lin but couldnt get through."

Lu Zhanbeis expression was extremely gloomy. All of this must be related to the old man.

"Send some men to come with me to the Lu familys old residence to demand for them back!"

He could still maintain his calm previously because he understood that Lin Wanwans life would not be in danger for the time being.

Lu Zhengyu knew very clearly now what Lu Zhanbeis weakness was. Once this weakness ceased to exist, the fierce tiger in deep sleep would be completely angered and madly destroy everything.

Not long later after Ruan Baoer left the condominium, Lin Wanwan drove to the winery.

From afar, she saw several black cars parked at the entrance of the winery.

Men in suits got off the car one after another. Some of them stayed at the original spot to keep guard.

The rest of them quietly entered the villa, obviously well trained.

Oh no, Si Dadas in trouble!

Lin Wanwan decisively abandoned the car. Using the trees and shrubs as cover, she reached the courtyard wall without alerting anyone.

She stuck her head out and saw the men in suits in charge of keeping guard holding guns. She immediately gave up the intention to take action.

Lin Wanwan was about to call Lu Zhanbei for support when she saw the men in suits whod entered the villa returning. Two of them were carrying a young man who seemed to be unconscious.

Si Han!

Lin Wanwans heart was burning with anxiety. She wanted to inform Lu Zhanbei immediately but was afraid of losing time.

After struggling for a while, she decided to secretly follow this group of people and see where they would bring Si Han to.

Once she confirmed the venue, it wouldnt be too late to ask for help from Lu Zhanbei.

Seeing that the car had started, Lin Wanwan no longer hesitated.

She did a run-up and slid toward the last car, as if she were skating. With nimble movements, she got to the cars underbody.

She was fast. Coupled with the engine sounds acting as a cover, nobody had noticed her.

Lin Wanwan clasped the bars tightly with both hands, like a lizard who was attached to the wall.

The car sped away. She did not know how much time had passed. Just when Lin Wanwans arms had become numb and she could fall off any time, the car stopped.

The man in a suit carried Si Han and got off the car.

A middle-aged man who looked like a butler walked over. "Have you finished the mission?"

"We have already captured the person. Do you want us to send him to Old Masters place directly?"

"No need. Hand him to me first."


When Lin Wanwan heard this conversation, she understood everything.

Old Master

It seemed that the mastermind behind this was Lu Zhengyu.

Actually, she should have guessed it long ago. Besides Lu Zhengyu, there wasnt anyone who had the guts and ability to kidnap Si Han.

After the surroundings had quietened down, Lin Wanwan carefully made her way out from the cars underbody after making sure that everyone else had left. She sized up her surroundings.

As she sized up the surroundings, she was shocked.

It was unknown how much space this luxurious manor occupied. There was a flower field in front of it, which was filled with all kinds of expensive fresh flowers. Behind it was a golf course. Even the shadow of the courtyard wall could not be seen after a quick sweep of ones eyes.

How should she leave?

Lin Wanwan didnt want to be captured by Lu Zhengyu and then add on to the chips in his hands to threaten Lu Zhanbei with.

She decided to go through the lawn on the west side and hide in the small bamboo forest for a while.

This place was huge. However, strangely, no one was keeping guard.

Lin Wanwan walked on tiptoe on the lawn. She dug out her mobile and planned to contact Lu Zhanbei the moment she reached the small bamboo forest.

Suddenly, she felt that she had accidentally stepped on something