Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 61

Chapter 61 To Be Blurred When In The Doldrums

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Lin Wanwan wanted to run, but it was already too late.

“Lin Wanwan, on what basis did you obtain the second female lead role in An Qiao’s movie? You stupid fool, did your father bribe the production team?”

“You must have used your looks to seduce the production manager. You shameless retard and imbecile. You’re not fit to work with Chu Yang, neither are you fit to enter the entertainment circle!”

“The reason why you entered the entertainment circle must be because you want to seduce our Luo Han!”

The reason why these people were finding fault was similar to what happened at the opening ceremony yesterday. As Lin Wanwan, who was squeezed to the center, was continuously being pushed by others, she was scratching her head as to how to resolve this problem.

At this moment, Liu Zilin, who had mingled in the crowd, took out her mobile and shook it. She looked smug with jealousy and hatred at the same time!

“Lin Wanwan, nobody will like such a useless fool like you! So what if you managed to get a role in ‘The Palace‘? Your Weibo account only has one follower, which is even worse than a normal person’s. Haha, what a joke!”

“Come, everyone take a look at this new fool who had just entered the entertainment circle. Oh no, actress”

In the midst of all the laughter, Liu Zilin opened her Weibo application.

The next second, her sarcastic expression was frozen on her face.

“What is going on? This can’t be!”

“What happened?”

The rest crowded around and saw that there were already more than 200,000 followers under Lin Wanwan’s Weibo handle!

Also, the numbers were increasing with every refresh!

It turned out that the news that was captured in yesterday’s opening ceremony was only released by the media today, and this ignited the entire Internet.

Although there were a lot of netizens who expressed disdain for Lin Wanwan, there were some who became interested in her as they were curious about how a fool could become an actress.

Not to mention, the beautiful photographs of Lin Wanwan after her appearance had immediately captured a number of followers.

Everyone at the classroom door took out their mobiles and started to refresh the news. They also took the chance to closely watch the video that the reporter had taken.

Lin Wanwan took this opportunity to sneak into the classroom.

“Is this really Lin Wanwan? She’s so pretty”

“So what if she’s pretty? Based on her IQ, can she understand what the director is saying and play the role of Bai Xianxian well?”

“But look at this photo. She is exactly the same as the ideal Bai Xianxian in my heart.”

“Are you blind!”

Listening to the whisperings from the door, Lin Wanwan returned to her seat and took out her mobile. Indeed, she saw that she already had close to 300,000 followers.

She opened the comments thread and realized that they were similar to what the students outside had discussed. Some thought she was not bad, some looked down on her, and some had evil intentions.

Lin Wanwan sent a Weibo message with a satisfied face.

Lin Wanwan:‘Thanks to everyone who has supported me. Also, thanks to the anti-fans who have spared no effort in scolding me. Could you guys follow me by the way? That way, it would be more convenient or cuter if you scold me.


Looking at this message, even the anti-fans did not know how to continue.

Hahaha, idioms are actually used now? The sentence structure seems quite proper as well. It’s quite an improvement! Could it be that the group sent this Weibo message on her behalf?

Who cares who sent this message? At least the person who set up the group now is not bad. This girl is a little silly, but considered cute.

If you stay away from our Luo Han, I will support you!

Are you guys a bunch of lunatics, being a fan of a retard? I guess your IQ is similar to Lin Wanwan’s! How can a fool say such words? It’s obvious that someone sent this Weibo message on her behalf!

What’s the point of just relying on her looks? If she can play this role well, I’ll live stream myself eating s*it!