Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 610

Chapter 610 As Virtue Rises One Foot Vice Rises Ten

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"Did Lu Zhanbei give you the confidence to talk to me like this? Or do you really think I dare not kill you?"

Lin Wanwan casually pulled out a grape from the fruit bowl and threw it into her mouth, not forgetting to smile at him sweetly.

"No, no, no. You have misunderstood me. I feel wronged. If I call you Father, you wouldnt kill me so easily, right?"

Encountering a girl who said such unrelated stuff, Lu Zhengyu could not help but feel helpless.

"Lin Wanwan, I dont want to talk nonsense with you!"

He rubbed his aching temples and threw out a document.

"Sign it and Ill immediately let you and Si Han go. If not, both of you will die here."


Lin Wanwan suddenly raised her hand with a serious expression.

"Regarding the question youve asked just now, Ive answered it wrongly. I would like a chance to answer again."

Lu Zhengyus charming facial features sank. His eyes were full of impatience. "Say it!"

He practically squeezed these words out from the gaps between his teeth.

This wretched girl was as annoying as his unfilial son!

Lin Wanwan walked up to Lu Zhengyu step by step. The nearer she was to him, the more she could feel that strong sense of coldness from him.

However, not only was she not afraid, she even raised her eyebrows in provocation and changed her usual teasing self.

"Youre right. I am certain that you wouldnt dare kill me."

She smiled lightly, but every word stepped on Lu Zhengyus bottom line.

Instantly, the murderous intent showed in his eyes.

Forget about how Lu Zhanbei had also talked to him in such a manner. A young actress whos hardly dry behind the ears actually dared to challenge his patience?

In this world, there were only people he didnt want to kill. There wasnt anyone he dared not kill!

Lin Wanwan could naturally feel Lu Zhengyus murderous intent.

However, since shed dared to provoke him, she had the confidence she would live.

"Lu Zhanbei didnt send anyone to protect me previously. I have been wandering everywhere every day too. If you really wanted to kill me, wouldnt you have easily found a chance to do so? Straightforward people do not resort to insinuations. As long as I die, nobody could guarantee what Lu Zhanbei would do. Are you sure you can handle the consequences of killing me?"

Lu Zhengyu was extremely angry. However, he calmed down.

Amidst the heat, he could really be impulsive and kill Lin Wanwan without caring about the consequences. However, her words had coincidentally pointed out his concerns.

"Good, good, good!" Lu Zhengyu let out loud laughter. "My unfilial sons tastes not bad. Youre not as useless as Ive imagined."

Lin Wanwan took a shy bow. "Thanks for the compliment."

Although Lu Zhengyu was conceited, he wasnt someone who couldnt afford to lose.

He interlocked both hands and rested them below his chin. His smile was cold and playful. "Indeed, I dare not kill you. However, Si Han has to sacrifice his life for your selfishness."

Lin Wanwans face changed. The hands by her sides were tightly clenched into fists.

Noticing her panic, Lu Zhengyu smiled and said, "If I kill him, Lu Zhanbei would be angry, but he would not necessarily fight it out with me. After all, youre still alive. He has to care about your safety."

Lu Zhengyu pushed the document on the table forward.

"This is just an agreement to draw the lines between you and Lu Zhanbei. If you sign it, Ill let both of you leave safely. I guarantee that I wouldnt touch a strand of your hair from today onwards. I, Lu Zhengyu, say what I mean!"

Lin Wanwan had made countless decisions in her life. This time, even if she was decisive, she couldnt make up her mind.

She didnt want to separate from Lu Zhanbei. Neither did she want to see Si Han die.

One was the man she was going to spend the rest of her life with. Another was her good friend who never gave up on her.

She wanted both of them!

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