Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 611

Chapter 611 missus Lu

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She frowned slightly and looked at Lu Zhengyu. "I want to take a look at Si Han first. After confirming hes safe, I will tell you my answer."

What Lin Wanwan didnt expect was that Lu Zhengyu would agree to it readily.

"Follow me."

It was as if the doubt in Lin Wanwans eyes was too obvious. As Lu Zhengyu headed outside, he said, "I know you are delaying time so that you can wait for Lu Zhanbei to come over and rescue you. However, its a pity he thought that I would capture you to the Lu familys ancestral home. Hes currently exchanging blows with my men there and wouldnt be able to rush over within two hours."

Lin Wanwans heart sank. "Why did he think you would bring me to the ancestral home?"

Lu Zhengyu stopped in his tracks. He turned and looked at her. His deep gaze was still unfathomable.

"Because he understands me. I understand him too."

The woman he loved the most was staying in the main residence. Lu Zhanbei knew that he would definitely not let her meet Lin Wanwan.

However, he just wanted to do the opposite!

Lin Wanwan blinked. She seemed to have seen a trace of jealousy in Lu Zhengyus eyes.

She was then brought to a European villa next door.

"Old Master!"

The men who were standing at the door bowed respectfully. Not only were they equipped with a variety of highly lethal weapons, but they were even wearing bulletproof vests.

Lin Wanwan sighed silently. She had thought that she could bring Si Han away after seeing him.

Now, it seemed like this thought was undoubtedly whimsical.

No wonder Lu Zhengyu didnt handcuff her or sent someone to take her down.

He knew that even if Si Han werent being held hostage, she would never be able to escape.

In the utility room on the second floor

The moment the door was pushed open, both Lin Wanwan and Lu Zhengyu looked over at the same time. What they witnessed inside immediately caused them to widen their eyes.

They saw that Si Han, who was tied in the corner, had already woken up. A beautiful figure with her back facing the door was standing next to him. Her well-maintained hands were untying the ropes on his body.

What was this situation?

Lin Wanwan was still confused when Lu Zhengyu shouted, "What are you doing!"

The womans body trembled, but her movements became faster.

Green veins were clearly visible on Lu Zhengyus forehead. He was about to rush over.

At this moment, Si Han, who had already been untied, suddenly stood up. He spread open his fingers and fastened them around the womans snow-white neck at the speed of lightning!

"If anyone dares to move, Ill immediately break her neck!"

At the same time he said these words, he quickly signaled Lin Wanwan with his eye.

Lin Wanwan understood it in a second. The fist she raised brought up a gust of wind, and she punched the face of the bodyguard behind her!

Even if the Lu familys bodyguard had undergone rigorous training, he still retreated a few steps from the blow.

Lin Wanwan didnt continue fighting. After hitting him, she immediately dashed toward Si Han.

All of these things happened in a split second.

Lu Zhengyu gingerly stopped in his tracks. The cold and arrogant look disappeared from his face. Instead, a trace of fear was faintly visible in his eyes.

"Si Han, if you dare touch a strand of my wifes hair, I will definitely let you die without a whole body!"

Si Han tightened the grip on the womans neck. He half-laughed and said, "Old Lu, Im most afraid of being threatened. If this hand trembles, this Missuss life might end."

Lu Zhengyu was short of breath, and his eyes were red.

Lin Wanwans eyebrows twitched.

Even when Lu Zhanbei angered him at the banquet previously, he had never lost control before.

"Ill let the two of you go!" Lu Zhengyu said firmly. There was no unwillingness or reluctance in his tone.