Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 612

Chapter 612 Dont Be Afraid Im Here

Chapter 612: Dont Be Afraid, Im Here
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"As long as you dont hurt her, Ill promise you whatever conditions you offer!"

Upon hearing this, Lin Wanwan was shocked.

Lu Zhengyu had spent so much effort. Despite how he was about to achieve his goal, he actually did not hesitate to give it up for a woman.

Lin Wanwan could not help but size his true love up.

The woman was slender and had long, smooth, and straight hair. Her temperament was gentle. She hung her head low, and her face couldnt be seen clearly. One could only see her biting her lips hard.

From her figure and her clothing, people could even believe she was a girl who had just turned eighteen.

Her neck was grabbed by Si Han, but she was so brave as to not even utter a sound.

"I dare not offer conditions with Old Lu."

Si Hans words pulled back Lin Wanwans attention. She recalled that the two of them were still in danger and could not help but tauten her muscles. She surveyed her surroundings vigilantly and neglected that woman, who had quietly cast her eyes at her.

However, that was only for an instant. She lowered her head once again.

"As long as Old Lu is willing to let us go, Missus would naturally be unharmed."

Lu Zhengyu waved his hands without hesitation. "Everyone, stand back!"

The bodyguards left at his order. Even Lu Zhengyu moved to the side.

"Lets go."

Si Han dragged the woman and headed outside.

As Lin Wanwan followed, she also realized that this woman complemented Si Hans movements.

Not only did she not have the slightest intention to resist, she even walked faster than Si Han, as if she couldnt wait to send them away.

Could it be that she knew Si Han?

With a hostage in hand, both of them reached the villas door smoothly.

Lu Zhengyus eyes were firmly fixed on that woman. Every time he saw her frown, his eyes uncontrollably revealed heartache and anxiety.

Lin Wanwan surveyed her surroundings. It would take at least half an hour to completely leave after exiting the villa.

The main point was, they couldnt possibly hold on to the hostage forever.

"Si Han, how are we going to leave?"

"By car, of course."

Lu Zhengyu immediately continued the conversation, "Ill prepare a car to send you out immediately. Let her go first. I, Lu Zhengyu, swear that I would definitely not stop you!"

Lin Wanwan raised her eyebrow and looked toward Si Han. "What do you say?"

Actually, she believed that Lu Zhengyu was someone who would do what he promised.

However, the choice this time was related to both her and Si Hans lives. If she believed him wrongly, they could really die here.

Si Han glanced at Lu Zhengyu, who looked nervous. Then, he looked at the silent woman with her head lowered. His eyes shone slightly.


He had just said a word when, suddenly, a car starting its engine could be heard from afar.

Lin Wanwans face changed slightly, and she instinctively turned her head.

Si Han didnt move. He tightened his grip on the womans neck.

"Old Lu, I hope you can get your men to relax. For instance, the two snipers who are currently on standby on the second-floor balcony."

Perhaps Si Han was being too forceful. The woman rubbed her lips lightly and revealed a trace of pain.

"Damn it, everyone is not allowed to move! Whoever moves, Ill want his or her life!"

Lu Zhengyus roar resounded everywhere.

A series of loud screeching sounds could be heard. Black SUVs did emergency brakes one after another and stopped next to Lin Wanwan.

She was still a little nervous at first. When the car door was pulled open, a handsome man who had a cold temperament took a few big strides with his long legs and arrived in front of Lin Wanwan.

Without waiting for him to open his mouth, Lin Wanwan already cheered and pounced into his embrace.

After confirming that she was safe, Lu Zhanbei gradually relaxed his eyebrows.

"Dont be afraid, Im here."

"Yes." Lin Wanwan rubbed her face against his chest, and her heart felt completely at ease.