Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 613

Chapter 613 My Woman Will Follow Me

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Lu Zhengyu finally shifted his gaze away from that woman. He looked at Lu Zhanbei with a hint of uncertainty.

"Youre here faster than Ive imagined."

Lu Zhanbeis thin red lips opened into a sarcastic arc.

"I understand the logic of making a feint to the east but attacking in the west as well."

Lu Zhengyus face sank, but he wasnt in the mood to argue with him. He said in bad temper, "Dont worry. Your precious baby didnt lose a single strand of hair. This girl is as sharp-tongued as you are. Both of you make me angry!"

Lu Zhanbei looked at Lin Wanwan. Seeing her blink her eyes innocently, he said without changing his expression, "My woman will follow me."

Lu Zhengyu waved his hands irritably. "Its good that youre here too. Saves me the trouble to talk to Si Han about conditions again. Bring them away after letting her go. We will just forget about what happened today."

"Heh." Lu Zhanbei laughed coldly.

He approached Lu Zhengyu slowly. "Since when did you become so naive? You want to just forget about it? Have you asked for my permission?"

Although the old man seemed to be easy to talk to now, once today passed, he would still persist in his own ways and even use more fierce measures to deal with Lin Wanwan.

If he didnt give him an unforgettable lesson, he would still think that he was a mud Buddha without any temper.

Lu Zhengyu didnt expect that Lu Zhanbei would not be appreciative when he had already taken the initiative to let him step down from the stage.

"What exactly do you want to do?!"

What answered him was a crisp snap of the fingers.

Gu Mo and the others who were waiting in the car got off.

The dozens of SUVs contained close to two hundred men. All of them were in suits and equipped with bulletproof vests. They were holding weapons in their hands.

They stood in a neat formation behind Lu Zhanbei. The silver wings on their chest sparkled with brilliance under the setting sun.

Lu Zhengyu was furious. "You want to lay a hand on me?"

"You have thought too much."

Lu Zhanbeis answer made Lu Zhengyus expression soften. However, the next sentence sounded.

"Even if I were to do so, it wouldnt be right now."

Lu Zhengyus expression froze again.

Lu Zhanbei turned a blind eye to his murderous stare. He said plainly, "Hand over the people who laid a hand on Si Han and Lin Wanwan. I will forget about this matter. If not, you know my temper."

Lu Zhengyu was close to exploding!

If he really handed those people over, even if word of this matter didnt get out, he would have thrown his face all the way to Siberia.

"No! Lu Zhanbei, you dont have to resort to leading by example. If you make me anxious, you wouldnt lead a good life either!"

Lu Zhanbei was neither annoyed nor fearful. He smiled elegantly and said, "I know you want to keep your face. However, I rushed over here with such a great fanfare and didnt do anything. If I dont create some noise and word of this gets out, where would my face lie?"

Lin Wanwan, who was by the side, could not help but twitch her lips. She was absolutely certain that they shared a biological-father-and-son relationship.

Lu Zhengyu had been angered by Lu Zhanbei for so many times. Although his heart was filled with grievances, he hadnt lost his rationality yet.

"Both of them are unscathed. Dont reach out for a yard after taking an inch. Its already not bad that I didnt get even with you for this. You still want to touch my men? No way!"

Lu Zhanbei didnt want to continue talking nonsense with him. "Ill ask you one last time. Are you going to hand them over or not?"

After saying this, he slowly pulled off the gloves from his hands and threw them casually onto the ground.

This simple action was like a signal to start a war. Gu Mo raised his right hand. Two hundred armed bodyguards immediately raised the weapons in their hands and aimed them at Lu Zhengyu and the others.

They were ready to be set off with a touch.

Lu Zhengyu clenched his fists tightly. There was a strong murderous intent in his eyes like never before.