Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 614

Chapter 614 This Trick Was Ruthless

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He wasnt afraid to start a war with Lu Zhanbei.

This was his home base. It was hard to say who would win and who would lose.


Lu Zhengyu looked at that woman who was being held at the neck by Si Han. His murderous intent faded like receding waves.

Once they exchanged blows, she might be in danger.

Eventually, Lu Zhengyu ordered with a grim expression, "Hand them over to him!"


Within a few minutes, the butler brought over the group of people who had kidnapped Si Han.

Not only were their weapons removed, they were also handcuffed.

Lu Zhanbei curved his fingers toward the back. "Gu Mo."

"Understood! Gu Mo waved his hands and pushed this group of people into the car.

"Are you satisfied now?" Lu Zhengyu practically squeezed these words out from the gaps between his teeth.

He was the head of the Lu family. To be forced by his son to make this move, he had completely thrown his own face.

Lu Zhanbei ignored him and walked toward that woman.

Both of them stood face to face.

The woman buried her head deeply. Even at close range, Lu Zhanbei couldnt see her face clearly. He could only tell from her constantly shaking eyelashes that she was feeling uneasy.

After a long while, he curved his lips and smiled. This smile was extremely good-looking and meaningful.

When he saw this smile, an ominous feeling flashed past Lu Zhengyus heart. "Lu Zhanbei, Ive already conceded to your request. You are not to touch her!"

Lu Zhanbei didnt say anything. His smile became more intense.

He had once again witnessed for himself how much this old man cared about this woman.

It was also funny. Before she appeared, every time someone talked to the old man about women, he would always snort with disdain. In the end, he experienced love on a grand scale only when he was old.

He went straight in and dashed ahead regardless of safety.

Lin Wanwan walked to his side and tugged on his sleeve. She said in a low voice, "If not for her, Si Han and I would never have been able to escape from your father. Dont hurt her."

Lu Zhanbeis parents had divorced because of this woman.

Perhaps, in his heart, he hated her.

Upon hearing Lin Wanwans voice, the womans body trembled slightly.

Lu Zhanbei patted Lin Wanwans head, and a trace of something complicated flashed past his eyes.

He turned around and looked at Lu Zhengyu. He read the nervousness in his eyes. "If you want me to let her go, I can. However, I have a condition."

Lu Zhengyu nearly fell because of the anger. As he was extremely furious, his facial features were slightly contorted.

"Want me to agree to you being together with Lin Wanwan? Thats definitely impossible! If you make me anxious, at the very most, well fall out with each other. We father and son would fight to our deaths!"

Lu Zhanbei was as calm as ever. "Your son is so filial and kind. How could he fight with his biological father? However, Yue Xins nonsensical words have indeed caused me a headache. Why dont Father give the Yue family a lesson on my behalf? As the son, Ill be grateful."

"" Lin Wanwan also wanted to faint.

Filial and kind?

The thickness level of Lu Zhanbeis skin was extraordinary.

Lu Zhengyu laughed out of anger. Everyone from the powerful circle in the Imperial Capital knew that the Yue family was the marriage partner he had carefully selected.

If he laid a hand on the Yue family, how would the rest see him? Which family would dare to have dealings with him in the future?

Lu Zhanbeis trick was ruthless!

Lu Zhengyu really wanted to just kill them. However, when he saw that slender woman with her head lowered, all the anger in him turned into softness. He sighed in compromise.

" Ok."

No face or reputation could be compared to the importance of her safety.