Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 615

Chapter 615 Why Did That Missus Help Us

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Lin Wanwans eyeballs were about to fall. Even she was a little shocked at Lu Zhengyus feelings for this woman.

It was as if Lu Zhanbei wasnt surprised that Lu Zhengyu would agree at all. He said in a low voice, "Si Han, let her go."

Si Han loosened his grip. "Sorry."

This woman had helped him, but he had had no choice but to take her hostage. He did feel that he was returning her kindness with ingratitude.

The woman didnt say anything. She walked slowly toward Lu Zhengyu.

Midway, she stopped in her tracks, as if wanting to turn around.

Lu Zhengyu didnt give her such a chance. He immediately rushed over and held her in his embrace.

Looking at her beautiful profile, he said in a low voice, "All of you can get lost!"

Before she got on the car, Lin Wanwan could not help but turn her head and take a look.

Coincidentally, she saw Lu Zhengyu lowering his head and kissing the womans forehead, revealing his tender side.

Dozens of SUVs sped ahead, rolling up large clouds of dust.

The woman, who had completely nestled herself in Lu Zhengyus embrace, finally looked up. Her clear eyes looked in the direction where the car had left. She didnt shift her gaze away for a long time.

After a while, she mumbled to herself, "Ive finally seen her"

Lu Zhengyu patted her lightly trembling hand, comforting her. His gentle movements didnt match his sinister eyes.

"So shes together with Zhanbei" the woman mumbled some more and looked toward Lu Zhengyu.

They looked at each other. Lu Zhengyu knew clearly what she wanted to say.

"You dont even have to think about it!"

The firm words destroyed the womans illusion. She bit her lips in disappointment and lifted her legs, preparing to return to the house.

Lu Zhengyu grabbed her waist in an overbearing manner. He said in a voice with reluctance and unquestionable source of power, "Ill send you abroad for a while tomorrow. Dont worry. Ill go over to see you often"

"I dont want to!"

It was rare for that gentle and meek woman to interrupt him. She was even a little agitated.

"I know I shouldnt have secretly let Si Han go. I promise there wont be a next time. Can you forgive me?"

"I will never blame you."

"Then let me stay!"


Seeing the womans bitter look, Lu Zhengyu couldnt bear it and he said forcefully, "Dont make me angry."

The woman looked at him and pushed him away. She walked away without saying a word.

Lu Zhengyu gave a long sigh helplessly. His heart still insisted on his thoughts.

He could listen to her about any other matters but this!

Once they got on the car, Lin Wanwan started to question Si Han.

"What is wrong with you? I was outside and didnt hear you resist at all when you were being captured. Since when did you become so lousy?"

Si Han gave her a side glance and snorted lightly, "Who said that I was captured?"


"I was sleeping when I realized someone had broken in. They launched a smoke bomb through the door. I turned their trick to their own use and pretended to faint. In the end, I was sent here. When I wanted to untie the ropes and escape, that Missus came in and let me go. She even said she would lead me out using the secret passageway. It was just that when the ropes were untied, Lu Zhengyu arrived."

Lin Wanwan was furious. "One of these days, youre going to kill yourself from these games!"

Si Han shrugged his shoulders disapprovingly. "Life is filled with all kinds of risks in the first place."

What warped reasoning!


"Si Han, from your tone, did you know her from before?"

"Ive never seen her before."

Lin Wanwan scratched her chin. "Thats strange. Why did she help us, then? Lu Zhanbei, do you know the reason?"

Lu Zhanbeis eyes moved slightly, and he calmly replied, "Ive helped her twice in the past."