Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 617

Chapter 617 We Can Make Our Relationship Public

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Lin Wanwan was speechless. ""

She had already ceded territories and paid indemnities. Didnt the man think this was enough?


Eventually, Lin Wanwan had no choice but to give Lu Zhanbei some benefits. He only let her off when it was midnight, and both of them fell asleep.

The next day, once Lin Wanwan entered the production studio, she heard people talking about her being a third party.

She didnt interrupt them and quietly listened.

Until Tan Zhiyue passed by and lectured in a stern tone, "Shut up! Instead of working hard every day, youre like a gossiper, creating rumors all day. To think you are still part of this entertainment circle. Dont you know how many groundless accusatory news there are? Has water entered your brains?!"

A group of people immediately dispersed.

Lin Wanwan walked over and said, "Director Tan, thanks."

"Thats nothing. Film well. Dont be affected by all those gossips."


There were a lot of silly people in this industry. However, there were also a few smart people who were sharp-eyed and clear-headed.

The next two days, regardless of how ugly the rumors on the Internet were, Lin Wanwan ignored them and didnt respond. She quietly filmed in the production studio every day.

"Cut. Its a pass!"

Lin Wanwan immediately removed herself from the character. She went to the changing room to change her clothes and prepared to call it a day.

Once she pulled open the changing room door, she saw a few staff personnel in heated discussions.

"Have you heard? Shangmei Corporation has been acquired!"

"This is only the headline from the finance section. The headline from the political section is more exciting. Isnt the Great Old Master from the Yue family a high-ranking official? Someone reported that he abused his power and turned a blind eye to Shangmei Corporations crime of tax evasion. An investigation team was sent, and after confirming that the news was real, they immediately took him down!"

"Does that mean that the Yue family has nothing now?"

"More or less. However, dont you find it strange? Hes such a big character, yet he could collapse overnight. There must be someone who back-stabbed him. Im guessing its the fianc Yue Xin talked about, who is also Lin Wanwans financier."

"I think so too. The third party has made successful advancements. In a fit of anger, the financier gave the Yue family a ruthless lesson!"

"Shush! Lets not say anything else. Disaster emanates from careless talk!"

Lin Wanwan chuckled. However, Lu Zhengyus actions were indeed fast enough.

As it was a huge commotion, rumors regarding the Yue family were thriving on the Internet. All of them guessed that the Yue familys ending was related to Lin Wanwan.

The crowd who had been scolding her immediately changed their words. It was just that sarcasm could still be faintly detected in them.

Some people even joked that she was the most successful third party in history.

Lin Wanwan didnt care about these discussions. However, Lu Zhanbei didnt feel good.

On what basis should his girl suffer such grievances?

When Lin Wanwan reached Yun Mansion, Lu Zhanbei immediately grabbed hold of her and started a serious conversation.

"I think we can make our relationship public now."

Lin Wanwan said in ridicule, "Why? Do you want to announce your official position to my fans?"

"Youre really not bothered by those rumors at all?"

It was definitely false that she was completely not bothered.

Although Ball fans expressed that they believed in her, which made Lin Wanwan feel comforted, all kinds of sarcastic comments would appear on her Weibo every day. She wasnt in the mood to go to Weibo recently as well.

"Let me think about it."

Lu Zhanbei frowned slightly. "Im so popular. Are you sure you dont want to leave a mark on me as soon as possible?"

Did he have to be so narcissistic

"Then please tell me what pros you have. If Im moved, I wouldnt need to consider anymore."

"Wealthy." Lu Zhanbei opened his mouth and saw Lin Wanwans disapproving look. He added, "Then well endowed?"