Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 618

Chapter 618 Why Are You Here Instead Of Selling Your Body To Please Your Financier?

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Lin Wanwan wanted to mock him when Lu Zhanbei interrupted lightly, "Dont bother. You held it in your hands before. You know Im not lying."

Even if Lin Wanwan was thick-skinned, she could not help but fly into a rage out of humiliation when she heard this. She glared at him and opened her mouth wide. She bit down heavily on his slender neck, leaving behind a pink mark.

"Ive already left a mark on you. However, as your words were too arrogant, Ill take twice the time to consider it!"

Lu Zhanbei felt helpless. Very good. He had tried to steal a chicken only to lose the rice again.

The next day, when Lin Wanwan came out from the production studio, she unexpectedly received a call from Lin Wanxin.

"Second Sister, its me."

"How did you get my mobile number?"

Lin Wanxin said in a gentle voice, "I got it from Father. Grandpas sick. Can you come over to see him?"

"Wait for me for fifteen minutes!"

As she was in an urgent mood, Lin Wanwan slammed the gas pedal the entire journey.

When she reached the Lin family, she immediately dashed to the second floor.

She had climbed the stairs halfway when she bumped into Lin Siqing, who had a mean look on her face. When she spoke, it was with sharp sarcasm.

"Hey, isnt this the recently famous Lin Third Party? Why are you here instead of selling your body to please your financier? Could it be that he got tired of you and kicked you away?"

Lin Wanwans eyes turned cold. "Get lost!"

Lin Siqing laughed coldly and said, "So what if I dont? I dont know how many men have played with you before. Why are you acting so innocent in front of me?"

"Oh? I dont know who was the one who got played in public and caused the Lin family to lose its face. You actually dare to yell at me here?"

Lin Siqing was shocked. "You illegitimate child. You were the one who caused that to happen to me!"

Lin Wanwan squinted her eyes. Her hands were itching for a fight.

Just when she wanted to lay a hand on Lin Siqing to give her a lesson, Lin Wanxin, who was wearing a long white dress, walked over.

"Siqing, shut up! How many times must I tell you before you understand that harmony is a virtue? If you shoot your mouth off again and Father wants to send you abroad, I will no longer stop him!"

Lin Siqing glared at Lin Wanwan and, still angry, went downstairs unwillingly.

"Second Sister, I apologize on behalf of Siqing. She has a bad temper since she was young. Dont bother yourself with her," Lin Wanxin said in a sincere tone.

Lin Wanwan wasnt in the mood to bother with Lin Siqing. "Where is Grandpa? What happened to him?"

"Hes down with a cold. I just fed him medicine. I thought about you being the closest to Grandpa. If you are willing to spend more time to accompany him, he would get better sooner."

Lin Wanwan heaved a sigh of relief. "Ill go over and take a look at him, then."

"Ill go with you."

The two of them arrived at Grandpas room.

Seeing that Lin Wanwan was here, Old Master Lin was very happy. He lay on the bed and chatted with her for a long time.

Lin Wanwan listened with unflagging patience. She found Old Master Lin to be a wise and knowledgeable person. She was unknowingly absorbed in the conversation and didnt even know when Lin Wanxin had left.

When it was twilight and Old Master Lin was tired, Lin Wanwan lightly closed the door and left after waiting for him to fall asleep.

Lin Wanxin, who was sitting in the living room, saw her coming downstairs. She immediately put down the apple she was peeling halfway.

"Second Sister, are you leaving?"

"Yes, Ill come here again tomorrow."

"Ill send you out."

Compared to Lin Siqing, who was standing by the side and looking at Lin Wanwan in disdain, Lin Wanxins performance was like a normal sister who cared about her elder sister.

She had grasped it well. She wasnt too passionate that Lin Wanwan would be on her guard. Neither was she too cold that she became seemingly rude.

"Goodbye, Second Sister."

"Yes, goodbye." Lin Wanwan waved to her as well.

Seeing the car shadow gradually drifting away, the light smile on Lin Wanxins face had an illusionary perfection, as if it was carefully measured.