Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 62

Chapter 62 Days With Good Progression

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Lin Wanwan looked at the comments and did not refresh the application again. Instead, she followed a male fan named “Ball” and An Qiao.

Within a few minutes, An Qiao followed her back.

Most of the netizens in this age and time were kind.

It was not Lin Wanwan’s fault that she was sick, and this was an insufficient excuse to be attacked.

As long as she does not make a mistake, she could survive in this entertainment circle based on her looks.

However, she also knew that the fans who said they liked her now were just casually saying so.

What she needed was a representational work that could prove herself. This would then be the foundation of her foothold in the entertainment circle.

As the bell rang, the students who were gathered at the door dispersed.

During class, Lin Wanwan found that her classmates would stare at her from time to time. In her previous life, she was accustomed to seeing all sights and sounds; thus, she would ignore these stares and concentrate on playing the role of a good student well.

She listened carefully in class and concentrated on revision after class. Occasionally, there would be one or two students who try to curry favor with her, but she defended herself with her acts of foolishness.

Time flew by and it was Friday again.

Lin Wanwan initially wanted to have a good night’s rest and resume filming the next day. However, once she returned to the student hostel, she received a call from An Qiao to film a late show.

Lin Wanwan was resigned to fate. She climbed out of bed and rushed to the studio.

As she walked over with a sad look, An Qiao touched his nose awkwardly.

“You’re still studying so you’re only free on the weekends. However, as you’re the second female lead and have a lot of filming parts, we have to hurry up. Don’t worry, there’s only your individual scenes tonight, so bring out the best in you. Let’s aim for one take!”

“You have to treat me to supper later then.”

“Sure, sure, sure!”

“Milk tea as well.”

“No problem!”

Only then did Lin Wanwan obediently nod.

The staff personnel who witnessed this scene could not help but sigh, “Fortune favors fools. This Lin Wanwan has changed the direction of the Internet with just a Weibo message. Even Director An treats her like his pampered daughter now. When did you ever see Director An in such cheerful countenance?”

“If we were the ones who wanted supper, he would say”

Upon hearing the word “supper,” An Qiao immediately turned his head around and showed a black face.

“You guys still want to have supper? Better buck up! If you can’t complete my shooting schedule, I’ll let you guys live on air tomorrow!”

They looked at one another and wept without tears.

“Yes, that’s right”

This differential treatment was too much!

A group of people felt indignant but dared not voice it out.

Lin Wanwan was still considered happy. The only minor challenge she faced was probably having to restrain herself from time to time.

After years of training, her acting skills were very sophisticated. She was a veteran in terms of all the studio rules.

“Ok, another take!”

As An Qiao stared at the monitor screen, he signaled camera 3 to follow up.


Lin Wanwan deliberately revealed a small flaw, and this was indeed discovered by An Qiao.

He was not angry, and he tried to explain the character’s psychology to her in simple words and a simple tone. He also repeated her lines word for word.

Lin Wanwan seemed to be listening carefully on the surface, but she was silently sighing in her heart.

It was much more difficult to act foolish than act smart

An Qiao finally released her for her break at 2am and resumed filming at 6am.

Lin Wanwan slept on the sofa in the lounge for a few hours. Early in the morning, Assistant Gao knocked on the door and reminded her that it was time for her shoot.

“Oh, ok.”

She rubbed her eyes. Resigned to fate, she got up and washed up.

Worried that she might not adapt to this, An Qiao had especially arranged for Assistant Gao to follow her.