Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 620

Chapter 620 Her Friendliness Was All A Pretense

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However, very quickly, images of Lin Wanwan hanging up her call previously and causing her to be a joke in the production team appeared in her mind.

The struggle in Gu Yiens eyes gradually turned into ruthlessness.

You have forced me to this!

She dialed the number without any further hesitation.

The other party picked up the call after a ring.

"Have you thought about it?"

Gu Yien responded, "I promise!"

"Thats right."

The womans voice carried with it some laughter. She was not surprised at all, as if she was confident that she would make a promise a long time ago.

"Wait for me to notify you of the specific details. After reading it, remember to destroy it."


Heaven destroys those who dont look out for themselves. She was completely done with leading the life of a servant!

Lin Wanwan had exercised in Yun Mansion for the whole morning. In the afternoon, she browsed through the scripts Si Han had sent over on the computer.

These were carefully selected by Si Han. He felt that the characters suited her or were challenging.

There was a Qing palace drama, a spy war, and a love drama between a female CEO and a pauper prince.

Lin Wanwan selected this love drama. After all, she had never tried the character of an overbearing female CEO.

The next morning, Lin Wanwan was not yet awake when the mobile she placed under the pillow vibrated.

"Oh so noisy"

She closed her eyes and searched for the mobile. However, a hand that stretched out of nowhere stopped her.

"Sleep a while longer."


Lin Wanwan subconsciously found a comfortable position in Lu Zhanbeis arms. In a state of confusion, she felt him take out the mobile from below the pillow and pick up the call.


Gu Yien, who was on the other end of the line, was stunned. She asked carefully, "Is this Mr. Lu?"


Gu Yiens sweet voice carried with it some agitation. "Mr. Lu, good morning. I"

Lu Zhanbei interrupted her impatiently. "If theres anything, say it."

At this time, Lin Wanwan was more awake. She yawned and said, "Pass it to me."

She took the mobile and asked, "Yien, why are you looking for me so early?"

"Wanwan, did you sleep with Mr. Lu yesterday night?"

Lin Wanwan didnt hear the jealousy in her tone and asked again, "Yes. Is anything the matter?"

"Oh, oh. Its like that."

Gu Yien recovered herself and said in a concise manner, "Ive been arranged to participate in the recording of Close Range with a Star. They want to visit my living environment. That day, many people would come to our hostel. You dont mind, right?"

Upon hearing this, Lin Wanwan frowned.

"I feel that what you need to do now is try your best and film this TV drama well. After all, this is your first arduous drama. If you film it well, you can definitely obtain a batch of die-hard fans. If you participate in variety shows now, there wont be much effect as you still lack popularity."

Gu Yien said in a humble tone, "But Ive already promised them"

Lin Wanwan had a headache as well. She felt that Gu Yien had changed a lot.

She still had that wild ambition and drive. However, she spent this wild ambition on finding ways to take shortcuts.

"Forget it, dont do this again next time." After saying this, Lin Wanwan immediately added, "Oh right, dont reveal that Im currently living with you. I dont want my personal life to be exposed to the eyes of the media."

"Yes, Ill listen to you."

Gu Yien nodded obediently. However, she laughed coldly in her heart.

She had said it so nicely. In actuality, she just didnt want Gu Yien to get attention by borrowing her reputation!

Indeed, her friendliness was all a pretense!

After hanging up the call, Lin Wanwan felt puzzled.

She had a deep impression of "Close Range with a Star." Su Maner and Xia Yili had once used the opportunity as a guest to create big trouble for her.

Although this program couldnt invite top-notch actors and actresses, it wasnt something that a newbie like Gu Yien, who didnt have a single starring work, could get on.