Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 621

Chapter 621 Man On The Bed

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Could it be that she had made some friends who could help her in the entertainment circle?

At the thought of this, Lin Wanwan was relieved.

She leaned against the head of the bed. When she saw Lu Zhanbei getting off the bed, she could not help but ask, "Where are you going?"

"To meet a very good friend. If theres a chance, Ill introduce him to you tonight. I hope the two of you can have further intimate exchanges."

Lin Wanwan didnt understand it at first. Then, she saw him enter the washroom.

"" This was simply too dirty!

"Lu Zhanbei, tell me. How exactly did you manage to crack such dirty-minded jokes in all seriousness?"

Lu Zhanbei turned and looked at her. "Passionate love."

Oh please. It was because he was essentially a hooligan!

In the next few days wherein Lin Wanwan didnt have any work, besides training her physical fitness, she was busy flirting with Lu Zhanbei every day.

A young girls heart had transformed from its initial state of turbulence to the eventual non-excitement.

As a result, when Driver Lu started to crack dirty-minded jokes again, not only could she settle her mind, she could also retaliate.

The sweetness of love made Lin Wanwan feel nourished every day. When Tan Zhiyues call came, she could only return to the production studio and continue working.

Holding a classical hairpin and wearing a cheongsam, Lin Wanwan debuted with a beauty fan in her hands. A look alone could surpass strong amorous feelings.

"Mr. Jiang, youre here again."

She smiled at Jiang Yi, who was played by Luo Han. There wasnt any bit of Lin Wanwans pure temperament in her. She was an impetuous kitsch and a beauty playing the field.

Jiang Yi grabbed her hand. "Your eyes are clean."

Jin Yanran was stunned. Then, she giggled, "I havent been clean for a long time."

Jiang Yi looked at her with a smile full of facets. He appeared moved and was about to say something.

Buzz, buzz, buzz

The mobile on Lin Wanwan suddenly vibrated.

She bit her lip in annoyance. She had made a mistake and actually forgotten to turn her mobile to silent mode.


Tan Zhiyue saw Lin Wanwans apologetic look and didnt blame her. He waved his hand, signaling her to leave and pick up the call first.

Lin Wanwan thanked him and walked to the side to pick up the call. "Yien, you"

Gu Yiens crying voice traveled over faster than hers, "Wanwan! Quickly come to the hostel. Im in trouble"

She seemed panicked and scared. The environment there was also very noisy.

"Wait for me for half an hour."

Lin Wanwan didnt ask what had happened. She decisively applied a days leave from Tan Zhiyue and drove back to school in a rush.

From afar, Lin Wanwan saw that the hostel door was crowded with a huge group of people.

There were program staff who were carrying cameras. There were also students who rushed over to see the excitement.

They were stretching their necks and looking inside. They were also discussing with pointed fingers.

As Lin Wanwan walked closer, a sharp-eyed student discovered her.

"Lin Wanwans here!"

In an instant, everyones eyes were fixed on Lin Wanwan. They were like daggers that brushed past her face.

Lin Wanwan frowned. After taking a few steps, a few people maliciously blocked her way.

Lin Wanwan said in a calm tone, "Get lost. I have the right to find out what is going on."

Her aura caused those few people to be stunned. When they recovered themselves, Lin Wanwan had already bypassed them.

"Putting on a show!"

Lin Wanwan entered the hostel and finally saw what was going on inside.

The small space was filled with all kinds of live broadcast machines. Some of the cameras were aimed at Gu Yien, who was standing by the side, looking helpless.

However, more cameras were aimed at the young man who was using a blanket to wrap his whole body with atop Lin Wanwans bed.