Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 622

Chapter 622 Adulterous Pair

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He had a pretty handsome face. It was just that the green and wilting spirit from his eyes revealed that he was a vagabond who indulged in alcohol and women.

Lin Wanwans sharp gaze swept past Gu Yien and finally landed on the face of the man who was lying on her bed.

Perhaps her gaze was too penetrating. The man shivered a little and avoided her gaze.

"Wanwan, sorry. I didnt know there would be people from the TV station here today to film."

Lin Wanwan snorted. "This Mister, I dont know you. Dont act as if you are very close to me, ok?"

There was a commotion, and someone shouted sharply, "Why are you pretending to be some innocent and pure white lotus? Hes already lying on your bed. You still have the cheek to say you dont know him? This man is either your sex buddy or an adulterer!"

A trace of satisfaction flashed past the mans eyes. On the surface, he rebutted in a righteous tone, "The words you said are too ugly. We are a normal couple. Isnt it very normal for a couple to spend the night together and have sex? I dont allow you to insult my girlfriend!"

He seemed to be protecting Lin Wanwan. However, he inadvertently revealed a lot of information.


Indeed, the crowd was like boiling water. They started to discuss fervently.

"Could he be Lin Wanwans financier, that big missys fianc? It couldnt be, right? A son from a rich family looks like this?"

"Damn, they have already gone to bed. Lin Wanwan looks so pure and innocent but shes actually so open!"

"Why do I feel that this man looks a little familiar"

After digesting the information for a period of time, Lin Wanwan could probably guess what was going on.

She looked toward Gu Yien. Her head was lowered. She was silent and looked panicky. Lin Wanwan could not help but squint her eyes.

There was something wrong with Gu Yien.

At this moment, a staff personnel from the program team shouted, "I know who this man is!"

Under the incessant questioning, the staff personnel started to break the news.

"I used to be a reporter for a while. I had news of him before. Hes called Wu Chen and his family runs an entertainment company. Hes considered to be a little famous, and he loves to hang out with female celebrities and models. The number of rumors he has adds up to the thickness of a dictionary!"

Everyone was enlightened. Then, they heard him continue, "The most crucial thing is that Wu Chen was already married six years ago. His child is close to five years old!"

These words instantly caused a commotion!

Everyone clucked their tongues. They looked at Lin Wanwan as if they were looking at a disgusting bed bug.

"Speechless. Does she still want face?"

"Lin Wanwans not someone good. This man is a slut too, derailing his marriage. An adulterous pair!"

"Lin Wanwan is definitely a classic example of a goddess with the heart of a bitch, right?"

As she listened to the resounding resentment against Lin Wanwan, Gu Yiens lips curved up slightly. She looked up and wanted to appreciate Lin Wanwans expression but unexpectedly looked into her cold eyes.

Gu Yiens heart nearly stopped beating. When she recovered herself, she secretly scolded herself for being a good-for-nothing.

What was there for her to panic about? The person who should be panicking right now was Lin Wanwan!

Nobody noticed the looks exchanged between the two. The man named Wu Chen realized that his identity was exposed. He panicked and started to shout, "Its its Lin Wanwan who seduced me. She wanted me to introduce her to more endorsement opportunities!

"There was one time that I got drunk and couldnt resist her seduction, so I went to bed with her. I initially thought that it would just be a one-night stand wherein both of us were willing parties. I didnt expect her to keep pestering me. She is indeed so beautiful

"Believe me, what I said is all true!