Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 623

Chapter 623 Exposed Photos

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Everyone felt more disdainful toward Lin Wanwan in their hearts. After all, although Lin Wanwans acting chops were not bad, she hadnt received even a small endorsement yet.

"Heh heh. Ridiculous."

Lin Wanwan walked step by step and stood in front of Wu Chen. Her awe-inspiring arrogance made him shrink. His timid and wretched look made her chuckle.

"Lets not talk about me already having a so-called big financier for now. Mr. Wu, regardless of how bad I, Lin Wanwan, am, Im considered to be a youthful girl. How thick-skinned are you to have thought I would fancy someone like you?"


Wu Chen opened his mouth. However, Lin Wanwan wasnt intending to give him a chance to rebut. She threw out sharp questions one after another.

"Let me ask you. When did we meet? How did we meet? Where was the last time we met?"

Under Lin Wanwans questioning, Wu Chen was like a mouse exposed to the sun. His eyes shone and his heart was filled with fear.

"Its its"

He couldnt casually make up a lie as it could easily be exposed.

Wu Chens ambiguous look invoked everyones suspicion.

"Because you love me!" Suddenly, Wu Chen had shouted this sentence.

Lin Wanwans eyelids jumped. The crowd looked at one another.

In terms of finances, he couldnt be compared to Lin Wanwans financier. In terms of looks, he couldnt be compared to male celebrities in the entertainment circle. What did Lin Wanwan love about him?

Wu Chen seemed to be anxious, and he shouted with his face flushed red, "Lin Wanwan, I know its my fault for causing this situation today. However, I didnt expect you to actually turn your back on me. If were not related at all, why would I have the spare key to your hostel? Why would I have photos of your life?"

He dug out his mobile and opened the photo album. He aimed the screen at the crowd.

"Look, this is evidence!"

Everyone elbowed their way through and saw the photos on the mobile.

They were indeed photos of Lin Wanwans life.

The background was this hostel. They were either photos of her lying on the bed memorizing her script or using her computer to watch movies

"Do you believe me now?"

Seeing that the looks of suspicion were much fewer, Wu Chen said confidently, "These photos were taken by me personally. I even have intimate photos with her at home. She gave her first time to me!"

Lin Wanwan felt those words were utterly disgusting. She completely understood now that Gu Yien had betrayed her.

It was just the key, it could be explained that Gu Yien had accidentally lost it. These photos, however, could only have been captured by Gu Yien.

This was a concerted collusion from both inside and outside.

The crowd no longer formed doubts. They looked at Lin Wanwan in disdain. Words of contempt formed a huge net and enveloped Lin Wanwan.

She didnt feel fear. Instead, Wu Chen couldnt hold back the pressure and jumped off the bed. He was wearing only a pair of boxers.

As he waved his hands and rushed out, he shouted, "Dont film me! Lin Wanwan was the one who seduced me!"

Wu Chens escape made everyone feel even more contemptuous of her.

"What exactly did Lin Wanwan fancy about this good-for-nothing? Hes unable to bear any responsibilities. How unlike a man!"

"People only two-time at the very most. Shes great. She became a third party for two men at once!"

"Based on how I see it, she might as well develop herself in an island country. Her accomplishments there would definitely be much stronger than in the entertainment circles!"

Faced with everyones words, Lin Wanwan didnt rebut.

She walked slowly and stopped in front of Gu Yien, her eyes cold. "As my hostel mate and friend, dont you have anything to say?"