Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 624

Chapter 624 Going All Out

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Gu Yien bit her lip. She knew that she had been completely exposed.

She was a little guilty, but she was even more excited. It was the excitement of finally not having to look up to Lin Wanwan.

With sincere eyes, she sighed and said after a long while, "Although Im very thankful for your help, I cant lie for you because of this. Wanwan, as long as you make a determined effort to turn over a new leaf, regardless of whether its me or the media, everyone will forgive you."

Gu Yiens words undoubtedly verified the matter between Lin Wanwan and Wu Chen.


Not only was Lin Wanwan not annoyed, but she even laughed out loud.

"One would face countless crossroads in this lifetime. Since you have chosen the path to go to hell, there is no turning back. From today onwards, we are no longer friends. I hope you will never regret this."

She said the last sentence in a cool yet determined tone.

Gu Yiens face turned pale. There was one instance where a trace of regret flashed past her mind.


Lin Wanwan had nothing more to say to her. She turned around and planned to leave but was surrounded by the crowd so closely that it was impossible for her to break out.

Bitch, slut, Green Tea Bitch

They used all kinds of filthy words to label her.


Lin Wanwans sharp gaze swept past unfamiliar faces.

"Are the brains hanging on your necks decorations? Based on a few words and photos, you want to declare me guilty? Its a pity you dont have that capability! if you really want to be a person upholding justice, produce concrete evidence. If not, shut up!"

She let out all the aura she had accumulated over two lifetimes. Coupled with her flared-up expression, she caused in them a strong and powerful shock.

Under her shouts, everyone actually subconsciously stopped their questioning.

"The wise man knows he knows nothing, the fool thinks he knows all. I would definitely clear my name. Wait and see!"

While everyone was still staring blankly, Lin Wanwan had already passed through the crowd. However, she didnt leave the school immediately. Instead, she used the bushes as a cover and watched as the media interviewed Gu Yien.

When she heard the media asking Gu Yien if this matter was true, she heard Gu Yien saying specious words.

Although she didnt directly give a definite answer, her words in between the lines revealed that Lin Wanwans private life was messy and that it was highly likely she became a third party.

Lin Wanwan saw that under the lens, Gu Yiens face was tender-looking but her eyes revealed agitation and wild ambition. She laughed secretly.

Indeed, she was someone of potential whom she appreciated. Her acting was not bad.

It was a pity she wouldnt let such a person be too happy for long.

"Close Range with a Star" was a live program. The scene that happened in the hostel was broadcast through the TV station and the Internet.

In a short span of fifteen minutes, this news quickly climbed to the top of the hot news section.

This wasnt the first time Lin Wanwan was on the hot news. However, this was definitely the fastest.

The crowd was interested in gossip topics such as "third party" and "derailed."

In addition, Lin Wanwan was a celebrity. The matter of her being a third party was not yet over and now, there was another piece of news that was more exciting. The situation had worsened.

Lin Wanwan became a rat running across the street and the representative of a slut in countless womens hearts.

A few keyboard warriors suggested to the authorities that they should give Lin Wanwan the cold shoulder.

Lin Wanwans fans were equally shaken.

Si Han and Lu Zhanbei found out about this incident at the first instance.

When she stepped into Yun Mansion, she had yet to greet Lu Zhanbei, whose face had sunk, when she received Si Hans call.