Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 626

Chapter 626 So Called family

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Lin Wanwans attitude of not answering and instead asking a question of her own made Lin Qinghaos suppressed anger flare up in an instant.

"Youre the one who did such a shameless thing. You actually have the cheek to ask me about my opinion? I have always objected to you entering the entertainment circle, but you just didnt want to listen. Look at how self-degrading you are now! You have thrown all my face away!"

Even if Lin Wanwan had already mentally prepared herself, she still shivered slightly when she heard these words.

"If youre done, Im going to hang up the call."

Lin Qinghao was even more furious. "Is there a daughter who speaks to her father in such a manner? Forget it, I cant be bothered to talk nonsense with you. Leave the entertainment circle immediately and return to the Lin family to cultivate your moral character. When you have changed your impetuousness, Ill find a good family for you to marry into!"

Lin Wanwan laughed coldly and hung up the call.

Hearing the static noise from the receiver, Lin Qinghao smashed the mobile angrily.

Lin Siqing, who was outside the study room, heard the noise and raised her eyebrow smugly. She cast a look of admiration at Lin Wanxin, who was next to her.

"You have a way with her."

Lin Wanxin didnt say anything and smiled. She returned to her bedroom.

Lin Siqing followed and saw her pick up a flower cutter to trim the potted plant.

"Wanxin, how exactly did you convince Gu Yien? Lin Wanwan is considered to be her benefactor. She actually didnt hesitate much to return her kindness with ingratitude."

Lin Wanxin carefully cut off a slightly yellowish leaf. She looked calm and quiet.

"Theres a kind of person who doesnt live a good life and all the more doesnt want the people around her to live better than her. Gu Yien is a typical example. Once you grasp this mentality and throw out a little bait at the right time, this fish would obediently get hooked."

Lin Siqing seemingly understood and nodded. She looked as if victory was in her hands.

"In any case, the plan is successful. Lin Wanwan would soon become a public enemy. Thankfully, you have something of Wu Chens in your hands. If not, I really dont know who I could have found to complete this plan. Oh right, Gu Yien doesnt know that you arranged this plan, right?"

Lin Wanxin shook her head.

She was used to manipulating behind the scenes now. Even if the plan failed, she wouldnt be implicated. Even the benefits she had given to Gu Yien were done in secret.

"Thats great. Ill return to the house and refresh my Weibo now!"

Lin Siqings biggest interest now was to appreciate those comments berating Lin Wanwan.

Lin Wanxin saw her back view disappear, and the restrained look in her eyes gradually became deeper.

To the outsiders, Lin Wanwan was already a turtle that had entered the swamp and could no longer turn over.

However, Lin Wanxin knew that the task wasnt so easy. After all, she had someone by her side at her beck and call Mr. Lu.

However, so what?

One had to eat mouthful by mouthful. To destroy a person, you had to do it one step at a time as well.

Lin Wanwan lay sprawled on the table restlessly, like a defeated flower.

Lu Zhanbei patted her cheeks gently. "Upset?"

"Not upset. I just feel that its a waste."

In front of Lu Zhanbei, Lin Wanwan didnt have to put on a pretense. She said out loud what was in her heart.

"You also know that I used to be an orphan. It wasnt easy for me to have parents. In the end, my father doesnt dote on me and my mother doesnt want me. The little cabbage is yellow, how pitiful"

Lin Wanwan felt that she was not suitable for a melancholic style. As she spoke, she couldnt help but start to sing.

Lu Zhanbei squinted his eyes slightly, as if suddenly recalling something. "Do you have an impression of Lin Wanwans mother?"