Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 627

Chapter 627 Check Into A Room And Sleep Together

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Lin Wanwan looked up at the ceiling and thought about it for a while. A vague shadow appeared in her mind.

"Shes around 1.65 meters tall and has long hair. She has a good figure and is fair-skinned. I cant remember the rest clearly."

She could remember all these all thanks to this bodys extraordinarily retentive memory.

Lu Zhanbei asked again, "Now that you have become Lin Wanwan, do you wish to see her?"

Lin Wanwan rubbed her lips. After being silent for a long while, she shrugged her shoulders. "I dont have much feelings on the matter."

Her feelings were too complicated and she was too lazy to distinguish them.

Anyway, it was impossible for them to meet again in this lifetime. Why bother seeking trouble?

"Lets eat." Lu Zhanbei didnt continue with this topic again.

After finishing a quiet dinner, Lin Wanwan changed into a set of sportswear that was convenient for her to head out in. She was about to leave when Lu Zhanbei called her.

"Come here."

Lin Wanwan walked over, unsure of what was going on. Lu Zhanbei grabbed her waist and gave her a fiery, lingering kiss.

She nearly flew into a rage out of humiliation from the kiss. The man finally loosened his grip and stuffed a piece of paper into her palm.

"This is the reward for kissing you."

After saying this, he turned around and waved his hands.

"Dont be anxious. He cant run away."

Lin Wanwan blinked and opened the note in her hands.

There was only an address there.

Lin Wanwan smiled. Simply put, Lu Zhanbei could read her mind well.

Indeed, she had planned to find Wu Chen, that good-for-nothing, to get even with him and to force him to tell the truth. However, she wasnt planning to go through Lu Zhanbei to do so. She didnt expect him to understand her thoughts so clearly.

Handsome, wealthy, gentle, considerate. Now, he was also understanding

Lin Wanwan felt that she must have once been a beautiful warrior who had saved the world. Only in this lifetime could she find such a perfect man.

She walked out of Yun Mansion with joy. She was about to hail a taxi when a red sports car stopped next to her.


The car windows rolled down, and a beautiful womans face was revealed.

"Wanwan, its so late. Where are you going?"

Lin Wanwan helplessly took off the wig and removed her sunglasses and mask. "Sister Zhiyi, dont you suffer from face blindness? You could even recognize me in this disguise. Do you have a crush on me?"

"Isnt it obvious it isnt a crush? Isnt my performance obvious?"


"Lets talk after you get in the car."

Lin Wanwan was anxious to take care of that good-for-nothing. Shen Zhiyi insisted for her to get in the car. Thus, she could only get in.

She was buckling her seatbelt when she heard Ms. Shen say, "Hows Kaixuan Hotel? The suite there is not bad."

" Sister Zhiyi, what do you want to do to me?" Lin Wanwan shivered.

Shen Zhiyi smiled innocently and said, "Check into a room and sleep together."

" Im interested in men."

"What are you thinking about? Its purely sleeping together. However, if you have ideas toward me, I dont mind throwing away my bottom line and trying it with you."

Oh my god! Shen Zhiyis acting was too good. Even Lin Wanwan, the professional actress, didnt know how she should play along with her.

"Sister Zhiyi, stop joking with me."

As Shen Zhiyi started the car, she said lazily, "I"m not joking. That a*shole Lu Zhanbei recently blacklisted me from entering Yun Mansion. It was difficult for me to bump into you today. If I dont eat his woman today, I would be letting him down for thinking so highly of me."

Lin Wanwan held her forehead. She was experiencing a headache.

Shen Zhiyi laughed and said, "Wanwan, as long as you promise me something, I will help to solve your troubles right now. How about it?"

Lin Wanwan gave her a side glance and half smiled. "Ok."

She wanted to see if Shen Zhiyi dared to do anything to her.