Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 629

Chapter 629 A Good Slap A Good Slap

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She turned around fiercely and stared fixedly at Lin Wanwans back view. She smiled coldly and said, "Lin Wanwan, I havent seen you for a few days but youve learned how to hide your head. Why? Too ashamed to see anyone?"

Lin Wanwan was speechless. ""

Damn. She could recognize this disguise?

If Shen Zhiyi could recognize her out of love, then the fact that Luo Nanxi could also recognize her must be because she hated Lin Wanwan too much.

Luo Nanxi walked over. With the advantage of her high heels, she looked down at her with a disdainful look.

"I have been in a good mood recently. Do you know why? Because God has finally opened its eyes and made you, a slutty vixen, reveal your true colors!"

As her words fell, Lin Wanwan raised her hand without warning and gave her a tight slap.


The crisp sound of a slap resounded throughout the corridor.

Luo Nanxi was stunned. When she recovered herself, she shouted ferociously, "You shameless person. You actually dare to hit me!"

Lin Wanawns eyes were cold. However, she had a courteous smile on her face. "Dont forget, you owe me this slap. Si Hans right. It does feel good to slap a slut."

Shen Zhiyi clapped her hands excitedly. "A good slap, a good slap"

She was indeed someone she fancied. She made a move so quickly that there wasnt enough time for her to save the damsel in distress.

Luo Nanxi thought of the bet that they had during the Imperial Capital TV Festival and her face turned uglier.

She strongly resisted the urge to scratch Lin Wanwans vixen-like face and said, "You actually dare to be so flippant at this stage. Pot calling the kettle black. Who is the real slut?!"

Her sharp voice was loud enough to create a ruckus.

The guests who were originally dining in the reserved rooms pulled open the door in dissatisfaction and came out to check on the situation. Even the passersby could not help but come over.

"Isnt this Lin Wanwan?"

Lin Wanwan had been very popular recently. It was a pity it was because of negative reasons.

Now, almost everyone in Xia country could recognize her face. When she appeared, everyones expression immediately became strange. Especially the men, whose eyes were full of invasiveness.

"Yes, shes Lin Wanwan!"

Luo Nanxi no longer looked sorry, and she curved her lips and smiled. She dug out a stack of photos from her bag and said loudly, "Since theres so many people here, Ill take this opportunity to let everyone know once again that Ms. Lin, who appears pure and innocent, is in actuality a slut!"

She threw the photos in her hands onto the ground.

The photos were like snowflakes and fell to everyones feet.

The crowd picked them up. When they saw the photos, they exclaimed simultaneously.


"Naked in high-definition. Lin Wanwans figure is so good. Shes young and knows a couple of styles well. Mine is a cosplay. How about yours?"

"Mine has more of a heavy taste. Its the sado-masochism series."

"One word. Flirtatious!"

All sorts of uncomfortable comments caused murderous intent to rise in Lin Wanwans heart. They also made Luo Nanxi let out smug laughter.

Not too long after Lin Wanwans scandal was exposed, Luo Nanxi had been excited and decided to add fuel to the flames so that she would be even more popular.

She spent a huge amount of money for a professional team to Photoshop these unsightly photos. She didnt expect they would come in handy when she had just received them.

"Lin Wanwan, how does it feel to have your skin ripped off?"

Luo Nanxi used a voice that everyone could hear and used the harshest words to trample on Lin Wanwans dignity.

"Now, everyone knows what kind of a slut you are. I really want to see how the innocent you is like when on a mans bed. However, forget it. I find it disgusting. Arent you sharp-tongued? What bargaining power do you have to be arrogant now? Eh?"