Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 630

Chapter 630 Experienced With Knife Skills

Chapter 630: Experienced with Knife Skills
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She reached out and wanted to slap Lin Wanwan.


Luo Nanxis words caused a few low-quality people to let out loud laughter. Most of them were men. As they commented unscrupulously, they sized Lin Wanwan up and leered at her, as if they were using their eyes to remove her clothes.

A glimmer of cold light flashed past Lin Wanwans eyes. A fair-skinned slender arm had taken the first move and accurately grabbed Luo Nanxis wrist.

"Ah, its so painful!"

Luo Nanxi turned pale. She looked up in anger and looked into Shen Zhiyis clear and charming eyes.

"Let me tell you what bargaining power Lin Wanwan has to be arrogant now!"

Shen Zhiyi applied force and threw Luo Nanxi fiercely onto the ground like she was throwing a sack down.

She let out heartbreaking and pitiful screams as her exquisite long and curly hair was grasped by Shen Zhiyis hands. Without waiting for her to struggle, Shen Zhiyi made Luo Nanxis cheeks suffer a few fierce slaps.

Slap, slap, slap, slap

Lin Wanwan looked at Shen Zhiyi landing slaps again and again and could not help but want to kowtow to her.


Luo Nanxis face was in extreme pain. However, she couldnt struggle and her screams became more and more pitiful.

The onlookers were stunned and actually couldnt recover themselves in time.

When Shen Zhiyi was tired of hitting her, she dug out a sharp knife from out of nowhere. Luo Nanxi was so frightened that she started to struggle, as if shed gone mad.

Lin Wanwan was shocked too and hurriedly jumped in to stop her. "Sister Zhiyi, we are in public. If you want to disfigure her, you have to choose a slightly more secluded place."

Upon hearing this, Luo Nanxi let out heartbreaking screams again.

Shen Zhiyi was overjoyed. "You have thought too much. Im a doctor. Its a habit to carry a scalpel along with me. Rest assured, its impossible for me to disfigure anyone."

Lin Wanwan heaved a sigh of relief. Then, she heard Shen Zhiyi add leisurely, "Its just that her mouth is simply too foul. She needs to be enlightened about what is known as equality for everyone and about how disaster emanates from careless talk. Ive decided to send her to the temple to be a nun. I hope she repents early and be saved!"

As the words fell, the scalpel landed and Luo Nanxis long hair fell to the ground.

Within a minute, her bald look made a grand appearance.

Lin Wanwan, who witnessed the entire process, said after a long while, "Sister Zhiyi, you are really experienced with knife skills"

Shen Zhiyi clapped her hands. She looked at Luo Nanxi, who was touching her bald head with a dire expression. She laughed plainly and said, "Thankfully, I specialize in orthopedics. Compared to cutting hair, I would actually prefer to dissect this beautys body and see if her bones are as black as her heart."

Lin Wanwan finally found out what occupation Shen Zhiyi had. Doctors were the scariest.


This earth-shattering scream was so loud that Lin Wanwans eardrums started to hurt.

"You lunatic, Im going to kill you!"

Luo Nanxi broke down and rushed over. She looked like she was going to tear Shen Zhiyi apart.

For most female celebrities, appearances were definitely the most important.

Luo Nanxi had been shaved bald. That equated to her looks being ruined. It would have been weird if she didnt go crazy.

At this moment, the rest of the crowd recovered themselves as well.

They didnt know Shen Zhiyis background. When they saw her forcing Luo Nanxi to this point, they crowded over with dissatisfaction. As they criticized her angrily, they grabbed Shen Zhiyis hand.

"Youre going too overboard. Even if you are Lin Wanwans friend, you cant be such a bully!"

"Freedom of speech. Since Luo Nanxi dared to do this, why dont you allow us to say a few words?"

"Youre deserving of a damned beating!"