Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 631

Chapter 631 The Big Boss Gives Orders To Clear Out

Chapter 631: The Big Boss Gives Orders to Clear Out
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Unprepared for this, Shen Zhiyi, who was wearing high heels, staggered along as she was rushed by the crowd.

"Sister Zhiyi!"

Seeing that she was about to fall, Lin Wanwan instinctively reached out to hold her.

At this moment, a slender arm extended from out of nowhere and grabbed Shen Zhiyis wrist before Lin Wanwan could, pulling it gently.

Shen Zhiyi used this force to stabilize herself. She was about to turn her head and say her thanks when she looked into a pair of enigmatic black eyes.

"Its you, peach-shaped eyes." She could recognize him with just one look.

Lin Wanwan tilted her head and was shocked. "Tang Chen, why are you here?"

"I own this place. Why cant I be here?"

As Tang Chen answered, the security guards had already blocked the troublemakers.

Seeing that these people were still berating the women, he curved his lips and said coldly, "Send all of them to the police station. Do not let them out before theyve been educated well!"

The crowd panicked. Someone protested loudly, "Lin Wanwan was the one who did immoral things first. We are just lecturing her with a few words. On what basis are you arresting us?"

Tang Chens calm tone faintly contained a powerful and suppressive force.

"A few composite photos could lead you to determine a persons morals? Only brainless people would believe whatever others said. Based on your logic, does it mean that you would suspect that your mother had an affair with me decades ago if I bribed an entire navy force and spread the word that I was your long-lost biological father?"

This criticism was amazing.

Clap, clap, clap. Shen Zhiyi took the lead and applauded. The way she looked at Tang Chen was full of appreciation.

It was obviously a beautiful face that was wrecking the country and bringing ruin to the people. However, the way he refuted them was so sharp.

Hearing Tang Chens words, some people flew into a rage out of humiliation and wanted to talk things out with him as they were unwilling to admit defeat. However, Tang Chen was no longer interested in talking nonsense to them.

"Bring them away!"

Very quickly, peace and quiet were restored in the surroundings.

Before Lin Wanwan could say her thanks, Tang Chen threw her a flirtatious look.

"Lu Zhanbeis too useless as well. He hasnt even settled this little thing yet. Lin Wanwan, I sincerely hope you can consider me once again. I am much better than he is in all aspects."

Shen Zhiyi scratched her chin and mumbled to herself, "Better than him in terms of sex as well? Could it be that they have competed on this before?"

Tang Chen choked slightly and pretended not to have heard her. His gaze was still fixed on Lin Wanwans face. "Do you mind helping me and Lu Zhanbei to differentiate whos the winner?"

Lin Wanwan could not be bothered with him. She squatted down and picked up a photo.

Shen Zhiyi leaned over and sized up the naked woman on the photo. "Eh? Isnt this the slightly popular movie actress from that island country?"

Tang Chen finally looked at her straight in the eye. "It looks like Ms. Shen has watched countless movies before. Based on the figure alone, you can identify who the other party is."

"Could it be that you havent watched them before?"

"Do I need to resort to looking at these?" Tang Chen scoffed and looked toward Lin Wanwan. He asked with interest, "Why dont I invest in filming one and the two of us cooperate on this?"

Lin Wanwans expression was cold and detached.

Shen Zhiyi, on the other hand, was excited. "I can be your director. Oh, its just that Im afraid Zhanbei will have my body torn limb from limb by five horses if he finds out."

Lin Wanwan simply could not listen to this anymore. "Have a good chat, both of you. I still have something on so Ill get going first."

Tang Chen wanted to chase after her but Shen Zhiyi tugged at his sleeve.

As she looked at Lin Wanwans back view, she smiled and said, "She must be going to take care of that rumored male lead. Im quite curious as to what she would do. Are you interested in watching the drama together with me?"

Tang Chens eyes shone and he curved his lips playfully. "Lets go."