Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 632

Chapter 632 Youre Not Allowed To Hit My Mother

Chapter 632: Youre Not Allowed to Hit My Mother!
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Shen Zhiyi had guessed correctly.

Following the address Lu Zhanbei had provided her, Lin Wanwan arrived at Wu Chens home.

There were two bodyguards standing guard in front of a Western style apartment in the district where rich people lived in the Imperial Capital. It was a pity they were brought down by Lin Wanwan before they even realized she was there.

With the darkness of the night acting as a cover, Lin Wanwan snuck in and realized the door was actually open.

Not bad. Saved her some trouble.

Lin Wanwan got in and saw her target immediately.

Wu Chen, who was wearing a bathrobe, was walking about in the living room. She could see that he was feeling anxious.

At this moment, a slender and beautiful yet haggard woman walked down from the second floor. There was a three-year-old boy next to her. He looked afraid and was hiding behind the woman.

"Husband, Ive already helped you to pack your luggage."

In front of Wu Chen, she was like a servant with her head lowered. She dared not to even take a deep breath.

Wu Chen looked at her with disgust and gave her a fierce kick.

"It took you so long to pack my things. I really shouldnt have been drunk that year and slept with such a useless woman like you. If you hadnt gotten pregnant, on what basis do you think you could have married into the Wu family?!"

The woman moaned in pain as she was kicked to the ground.

"Youre not allowed to hit my mother!"

The small boy was like an anxious rabbit. He rushed over and wanted to bite Wu Chens leg!

"F*ck! Even you dare to make me angry!"

Wu Chen kicked the small boy and walked toward the woman. As he kicked her, he also hurled vulgarities.

He was feeling very angry today.

After helping Gu Yien frame Lin Wanwan, he kept having an ominous feeling in his heart.

Thinking of the financier behind Lin Wanwan and Tang Chen, who was rumored to like her, he wanted to escape from the country out of fear.

However, his visa somehow had some issues. Thus, he could only go to the neighboring province to hide for a while.

Upon witnessing this scene, Lin Wanwan was full of anger. He was really a scumbag who should be hacked to death!

She could no longer hold back. She rushed forward and gave Wu Chen a punch.

"Try to make a move again. Do you dare bet I wont chop your head off and use it as a football?"

When Wu Chen saw it was her, he screamed in panic, "Come here! Quickly, come here!"

Lin Wanwan laughed coldly. To deal with such a useless bum who had long been hollowed by alcohol and women, she didnt have to exert much force. She threw him to the sofa, as if holding on to a brat.

She was about to look for a hemp rope when the little boy handed over a bunch of plastic ropes and asked, "Sister, will this do?"

Looking at the old bruises on his face, Lin Wanwans heart turned sour and she touched his head.

"Yes. Thanks, dear. Whats going to happen next is not suitable for children. Can you bring your mother back to the room first?"


The little boy nodded obediently and looked at Wu Chen. His tender and clear eyes revealed hatred that was not suited for his age.

Half a minute later, Lin Wanwan looked at Wu Chen, who was tied up. Under his fearful gaze, she smiled maliciously.

"Mr. Wu, in the heat of this night, your evening had just started. You slowly enjoy."

At the same time, Shen Zhiyi and Tang Chen reached the iron gate of the villa.

"Quickly. Lets not miss any exciting shots."

Under Shen Zhiyis urges, Tang Chen could not help but hasten his pace.

Both of them had just gotten on the steps when Tang Chen suddenly turned around and looked with interest in a certain direction.

"I didnt expect the big shot Mr. Lu would actually quit his job to become a paparazzi."