Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 633

Chapter 633 Here Open Your Mouth

Chapter 633: Here, Open Your Mouth
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A slender and straight figure slowly appeared from the dark. Lu Zhanbeis phoenixes were quiet, and he said plainly, "Its so late and theres only a man and a woman whore together. It looks like I will be hearing good news from the two of you soon."

Tang Chen wrapped his arms around his chest and didnt rebut immediately. Instead, he glanced at Shen Zhiyi.

Ms. Shen gave a tsk and said, "Zhanbei, pot calling the kettle black. Both of you couldnt help but flirt once you meet. I think this is very problematic. Why dont the two of you become a couple so you can stop harming Wanwan?"

"Shut up!"

Tang Chen finally opened his mouth and interrupted coldly. Lu Zhanbei also looked at her warningly.

Shen Zhiyi raised her eyebrow. They flew into a rage out of humiliation as she had correctly read their minds

Lu Zhanbei could not be bothered with the two of them. He did a run-up, and his athletic figure was like a winged bird. He stepped on the back of the tree trunk and, using the thrust, turned and jumped to the center of the tree. This series of actions, like floating clouds and flowing water, was not only elegant but also full of power.

From this angle, he could clearly see every movement in the living room.

Tang Chen pouted and used the same movements to flip up to the tree.

Compared to the two of them, Shen Zhiyi paled in comparison. It took her a little more effort to climb up.

Lu Zhanbei had the urge to push the both of them down. "Such a hindrance!"

Tang Chen laughed coldly. "I think youre quite a hindrance too."

Shen Zhiyi frowned impatiently. "Can you both argue by the side? Dont disturb me from watching the drama!"

Upon hearing this, both of them shut up.

At the same time, Lin Wanwan sat cross-legged on the sofa in the living room. She looked at Wu Chen, who only knew how to be quiet after being beaten up and getting a pair of turgid eyes. She smiled and asked, "Now, can we have a discussion?"

Wu Chen nodded again and again.

Lin Wanwan removed the gag from his mouth. "Tell me. Who is the mastermind behind this?"

Wu Chen looked conflicted.

"Youre not going to say it, are you?"

Lin Wanwan didnt want to waste her breath dealing with such a scumbag. She intended to use violence directly.

She found a fruit knife and a light bulb in the living room.

"Here. Open your mouth."

She looked as if she wanted to stuff the light bulb into Wu Chens mouth. She gloated and said, "A light bulb can be easily stuffed into someones mouth, and it cant be taken out. As long as I use a hammer to break the light bulb into pieces, the shattered glass will get into your mouth and be stuck in between your teeth"

Lin Wanwan herself shivered. Wu Chens face turned even paler, and he refused to open his mouth.

"Forget it. I still have to keep your mouth so that you can provide me answers. Ill do it next time."

Lin Wanwan put down the light bulb and picked up the fruit knife. In Wu Chens eyes, her lips that curved into an arc undoubtedly looked like the devil smiling.

"I hate two types of people the most: a cheap man who engages in family violence and a social scum who frames other people for no reason. Unfortunately, you have both characteristics. Wu Chen, youre not worthy of being a man. Youre not even worthy to be a human! So"

Lin Wanwan removed the tip of the fruit knife. The sharp blade was aimed in between Wu Chens legs.

It was clear at a glance what she wanted to do.


Wu Chen was so frightened that he lost half of this three spiritual and seven physical souls. He squeezed his legs hard and struggled, but it didnt have an effect.

This timid and useless behavior made Lin Wanwan shift her gaze away in disdain.

"Dont worry. Ill let you live. Ill just chop off your private parts and cut off your tongue. Then, Ill cripple both your arms and legs and throw you to the streets. I bet even your birth parents wont be able to recognize you."