Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 634

Chapter 634 The Truth

Chapter 634: The Truth
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Lin Wanwans words broke down Wu Chens last line of defense.

"I"m willing to speak. Ill tell you everything. Please let me off!"

It was a success!

Lin Wanwan took out a camcorder and aimed it at Wu Chens fearful face.

"Say it. If you perform well, Ill let you off."

"Its its Gu Yien who forced me to do so!"

Once he started, Wu Chen knew there was no turning back. He simply told the truth.

"Two days ago, Gu Yien came to find me and asked me to go along with her plan to trick you. I was unwilling at first. However, Gu Yien had something of mine in her hands. I could only choose to work with her.

"She gave me the hostel key and provided me those photos. Even the words I said were taught by Gu Yien. We have no enmity. If not for Gu Yien, I wouldnt have dared to let you wash your dirty linen in public!"

Lin Wanwan had already known all these information that Wu Chen had provided.

"Nothing else?"

"Theres really nothing else. The truth is what Ive said. If you dont believe it, I still have a recording of me discussing the plan with Gu Yien. Its in my shirt pocket!"

Wu Chen was forced into this. It could be said he took preventive measures and quietly made such preparations.

Lin Wanwan found the recording pen from his suit pocket. She switched it on, and Gu Yiens and Wu Chens conversation could be heard.

The content of the conversation was what Wu Chen had described.

However, she had a question.

"What did Gu Yien have in her hands against you?"


Wu Chen hesitated and didnt want to answer. Lin Wanwan shot daggers at him, and he immediately confessed.

"Actually Im not my fathers son. My mother and her lover gave birth to me back then. If my father learns about this, he would definitely chase me out. If that happens, I would have absolutely nothing!"

Lin Wanwan squinted her eyes.

This was such a private matter. Gu Yien had no background and didnt have much connections. How did a normal person without any strong backing find out about this?


There was someone else behind all this.

"Lin Wanwan, can you destroy this video and not broadcast it?"

Wu Chens careful voice pulled back Lin Wanwans thoughts.

She kept the camcorder and dug out a brown pill from her pocket. When he wasnt paying attention, she stuffed it into his mouth.

"This is the new poison Ive gotten from my financier. If you dare lie to me or abuse your wife and child again, it will ignite after the incubation period. Dont blame me for not saving you then!"

Her words frightened Wu Chen and he shivered again.

"I dont dare to, I dont dare to. I wont hit them again anymore"

Lin Wanwan waved her hands. "Goodbye. If theres a need to, Ill be back to find you."

Upon hearing that she would return, Wu Chen cried without tears.

Lin Wanwan headed outside with relaxed footsteps. When she passed by a camphor tree outside the door, a leaf fell onto her shoulder.

She reached for it. Half-laughing, she looked up and quickly left.

Looking at her figure disappear into the night, Lu Zhanbei curved his lips lightly. "She discovered us."

Shen Zhiyi complained, "Both of you were too loud."

Tang Chen admired how skillful she was at being a pot calling the kettle black.

During the entire viewing process, he and Lu Zhanbei had been completely quiet. However, this Ms. Shen made a loud sigh from time to time. When she was agitated, she could not help but slap the tree branch.

"Lu Zhanbei, did you give her that new poison?"

"She created it herself." A layer of laughter formed on Lu Zhanbeis eyes. "A mud ball."