Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 635

Chapter 635 A Tormenting Little Thing

Chapter 635: A Tormenting Little Thing
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Tang Chen laughed lowly. "Indeed, shes the woman I want to sleep with. Shes so unique. However, its a pity shes too soft-hearted. One must stay true to his or her word. If she wanted him to become a eunuch, she should have done it!"

Tang Chen jumped down.

Lu Zhanbei followed suit and jumped down. "Since Lin Wanwan decided to let him off, you dont have to go the extra mile."

Tang Chen looked at him with disdain. "Thats why I said youre useless. Your own woman has been wronged, yet this is how you help her out?"

Lu Zhanbei said plainly, "Where my knife lies is where her heart lies."

Shen Zhiyi said sourly, "A wife slave."

Tang Chen could feel that Lu Zhanbei looked a little absent-minded underneath his calm and powerful appearance.

He suddenly understood something.

Lu Zhanbeis love for Lin Wanwan was respectful and indulgent.

For her, he could give up his own principles and break those rules.

Wherever her heart lies, his will lie.

Was this the biggest difference between himself and Lu Zhanbei?

Tang Chen was used to acting in disregard of other peoples opinions. As long as he wanted to give something, even if the other party didnt want it, he would force his way through.

Obviously, Lin Wanwan resented such a bandit-like behavior.

Lu Zhanbei no longer looked at Tang Chen and walked away alone.

Shen Zhiyi chased after him, but it was a pity she was too late. Lu Zhanbei didnt have the slightest intention to let her hitch a ride.

Out of desperation, she could only get into Tang Chens Ferrari. She didnt forget to wave to him. "Peach-shaped eyes, its time to leave."

Tang Chen walked over and started the car without saying anything.

Shen Zhiyi sized up his face, which had sunk, and blinked. "Feeling defeated?"

"" Tang Chen didnt say a word and stepped on the gas pedal to its fullest.

As Shen Zhiyi enjoyed the breeze, she reminded him out of goodwill, "Dont think Lu Zhanbei is quite easy to talk to. Actually, hes quite cold-blooded and perverted. You wont be able to snatch Lin Wanwan away from him, never mind the fact that the two of them are in love with each other. Even if Lin Wanwan didnt like him, he would have ideas to make her not leave him. Dont forget, hes Lu Zhengyus son."

This father-and-son pair. One was more paranoid than the other.

Tang Chen finally looked at her straight in the eye. His eyes were without any temperature. "Have you heard of this saying? The one who understands you the most will always be your enemy."

He understood everything she said.

Shen Zhiyi shrugged her shoulders. "It looks like you have made up your mind to be enemies with him. Love is such a tormenting little thing. Its possible I wouldnt experience this in this lifetime."

Tang Chen looked straight ahead. His beautiful facial lines revealed a kind of fierceness and imperativeness.

This so-called obstinacy could not be returned or let go of. Only if it was obtained would it be considered a happy ending.

Back at Yun Mansion, when Lin Wanwan was changing her shoes, she coincidentally bumped into Lu Zhanbei, who was heading back from outside.

"Oh, where did Mr. Lu go for a walk?"

"I went to see a performance."


Lu Zhanbei no longer had the confrontational stance he had when he was with Tang Chen. His eyebrows carried with them a little teasing.

"In the middle of the night, a young girl barged into a mans residence and used violent means to threaten a confession out of him, even filming indecent videos."

Lin Wanwans eyes curved into a dangerous arc. "So you have seen everything. It looks like I have to consider killing you."

Lu Zhanbei smiled. "As long as you give me some hush money, I promise to keep my mouth shut."

Lin Wanwan understood instantly that this meant he wanted some benefits.

She grabbed Lu Zhanbeis tie and said, "Dont worry. I promise not to let you down."