Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 636

Chapter 636 She Should Drop That Idea Now

Chapter 636: She Should Drop That Idea Now
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Having obtained the evidence that would turn defeat into victory, Lin Wanwan was in a good mood. It was rare for her to take the initiative and flirt.

Such a result awakened someones yearning desire for sex. If not for her holding back her last line of defense at the critical moment, she would have lost her virginity long ago.

Lin Wanwan wasnt in a rush to make public the evidence. She also stopped filming temporarily.

She debuted at the age of seventeen. Along the way, her glorious records were definitely comparable to the young Lin Xiao back then.

Now, everyone kicks a man who is down. Everyones attention was on the follow-up reports of this scandal.

As her roommate cum friend, a lot of media outlets wanted to interview Gu Yien. She made use of this to get a lot of attention.

Although Gu Yien wasnt smart, she wasnt a fool either.

She didnt directly point out Lin Wanwans faults. However, every plausible sentence was enough to be considered as mind-blowing.

For instance, she revealed that Lin Wanwan often did not return home at night. There was one time that she called Lin Wanwan and it was actually a man who picked it up.

Also, for instance, she said Lin Wanwan had a lot of male friends and they seemed very intimate with each other

Thanks to her, the level at which Lin Wanwan was criticized increased yet another notch.

Lin Wanwan looked at these pieces of news, and her heart was calm.

The saddest thing in this world was that you forked out your true heart but the other party took it to feed dogs.

Lin Wanwan rubbed her temples and dug out her mobile. She decided to give Gu Yien one last chance.

The beep continued for a long time before it was answered.

"Hello. Wanwan?"

It was not difficult to tell that Gu Yiens voice carried with it a trace of her trying her best to keep calm.

Lin Wanwan said plainly, "I dont want to ask you why, and I dont want to listen to your so-called difficulties. Ill give you a chance to turn things around. As long as you are willing to tell the truth, I can let bygones be bygones. Although we cant be friends anymore, we need not be enemies."

After all, she had forked out her true heart for Gu Yien before. If it wasnt as a last resort, she didnt want to be too ruthless.

Gu Yien, who initially had a guilty conscience, laughed coldly and silently after hearing these words.

Who cared about being a friend with such a two-faced person like her?

Let bygones be bygones?

Heh heh.

How was Lin Wanwan qualified to say such words to her now!

"Wanwan, what are you talking about? Havent we always been friends? Im very upset that youre in trouble too. However, youre the only one to blame for degrading yourself. On account that you have helped me in the past, I wouldnt leave you alone. Whatever you need, just let me know."

Lin Wanwan closed her eyes. "This is your answer?"

Ok, she should drop that idea now.

"Wanwan, I dont have time to chat with you further. Im currently promoting my new drama. Also, an hour from now, Im going to record a variety show. I remember that that program invited you before but you rejected it. Its a pity you wont have a chance to be on it even if you want to."

Gu Yiens boasting tone had a trace of agitation. She was so excited she wanted to scream out loud.

She had a feeling that she was already standing at the height where Lin Wanwan used to be and overlooking the glorious times of the past. However, Lin Wanwan, who was in a sorry state, had a feeling of exaltation upon fulfillment.


Gu Yien seemed to want to continue saying something but Lin Wanwan didnt want to hear any further.


Hearing the static noise from the receiver that meant the call had been hung up, Gu Yiens smug face was stiff for a moment.

She was already in this sorry state yet still dared to put on airs? Did she still think she was a popular and sought-after starlet?

After hanging up the call, Lin Wanwan thought for a while before heading to the study room. She gently leaned her head against Lu Zhanbei, who was busy.

"Beibei, help me with something."