Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 637

Chapter 637 Full Of Sluttiness

Chapter 637: Full of Sluttiness
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Lu Zhanbei put down his pen. He covered the back of her hand with his palm full of callouses. His clear voice faintly carried with it a magical comforting power.

"Everyone needs to be responsible for their own actions. Dont care about people and things that are not worth it. You have a good conscience. Its enough to be the self you think is the best."

Lin Wanwan said, "Then, in your eyes, am I the best?"

"Do you want to hear the truth?"

"No." Regardless of whether its really the truth or not, there was only one answer he could give.


"" Lin Wanwan gritted her teeth.

Seeing her glare, Lu Zhanbei smiled and said, "The truth is you are good, but you can be better."

"What can I do to be better?"

"Agree to what I havent completed doing yesterday."

"Pooh!" Lin Wanwan rolled her eyes at him coldly and walked away gracefully.

She knew it in her heart clearly that Lu Zhanbei was trying to manipulate her emotions. Thanks to him, all her troubled feelings were gone with the wind as well.

At the same time, at the program site of "Have Fun Entertainment"

Gu Yien had recently been relying on Lin Wanwans scandal to get attention and was more often talked about. Coupled with the fact that Lin Wanwan had asked Si Han to carefully select the production team she was in now, although it wasnt a top-notch production, the cast was still considered formidable. The atmosphere at the program site was very lively.

According to the established practices, the production team promoted the upcoming TV drama and then started the game segment.

After everyone was tired of playing, the host started his interview.

As the script was discussed beforehand, the atmosphere became more intense after a round of questions.


"Yien, everyone knows that you and Lin Wanwan are good friends. Career-wise, she has given you a lot of help as well. Now that some news have been exposed, she has been boycotted by everyone. Have you thought of helping her to return her her kindness?"

Gu Yien frowned.

When they were discussing below the stage, this question obviously didnt appear on the script.

Maybe the program team wanted to make use of this topic to get higher viewership ratings?

The relieved Gu Yien immediately sighed and said, "An hour ago, I was still talking to Wanwan on the phone. I told her that if she encountered any difficulties, she could find me anytime. I also told her that as long as shes willing to turn over a new leaf, we would forgive her."

She swept her eyes across the audience. "Everyone, do you think Im right?"

Upon hearing this, everyone made sounds of disdain.

The host asked a sharp question again.

"For the past two days, I have seen a couple of your media interviews. From the way you speak, we could tell that Lin Wanwan is a girl who has a messy private life with dodgy relationships. In your heart, arent there any pros about your friend, Lin Wanwan?"

Gu Yien was shocked and glared at him.

What was going on? Was this program deliberately trying to bring her down?

In her heart, Gu Yien was annoyed and angry. However, she displayed a look of all seriousness.

"Of course she has pros. For instance, her acting skills are publicly recognized to have potential. However, I feel that a persons excellence shouldnt be solely measured by his or her capability, but also his or her morals and integrity. For instance, me. My acting skills might not be as good as Wanwans, but I self-proclaim that Im upright and perfectly open in all my actions. I havent done anything unethical!"

Such words were loud and powerful.

Clap clap clap

The thunderous applause was the audiences biggest recognition for Gu Yien.

"Thank you, everyone!"