Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 638

Chapter 638 The Tables Have Turned. Her Face Is Swollen

Chapter 638: The Tables Have Turned. Her Face Is Swollen!
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Gu Yien took a bow. She knew this action of hers would definitely bring about some passersby fans. The corners of her lips slightly curved into a smug arc.

"Yien, well said. Please take a seat. Today, our program director has prepared a surprise for you."

The host gave a hand signal. The big screen behind them suddenly lit up.

Everyone looked over.

When the smiling Gu Yien saw the man who appeared on the screen, she could no longer maintain her elegant posture. She shivered and nearly screamed out loud.

Wu Chen?

What was going on?

"Quickly shut"

With her face pale, she tried to stop it, but it was already too late.

The contents of Wu Chens confession resounded in every corner of the hall.

Next, the recording started to play.

The contents of the recording verified that Wu Chen wasnt lying.

After the recording finished playing, the beautifully decorated hall no longer had its harmonious and lively atmosphere like before. Instead, it fell into a dead silence.

Gu Yien collapsed on the chair, her face gray. Her ears were buzzing, as if a hundred bees had entered them.

She was done for

She was done for

Her hands trembled badly and her heart was filled with fear.

Eventually, the host broke the silence and looked at her with eyes full of sarcasm.

"What did Ms. Gu Yien say previously? Upright and perfectly open in all actions? Heh heh."

The last sarcastic smile was definitely the finishing touch.

The audience finally recovered themselves. There was an uproar due to their fervent discussions!

"What the hell! What type of damned situation is this?"

"So this is the truth. When I thought of how I even applauded for Gu Yien just now, I feel like theres really no difference between me and an idiot!"

"This scheming slut actually used us as tools. Dont stop me! Im going to tear her apart live!"

"Gu Yien should have gratitude for having found Lin Wanwan who appreciates her capabilities. I have seen people who returned peoples kindness with ingratitude before, but I havent seen a person who does in their benefactor up to this state. Such a big conspiracy had been set up to frame Lin Wanwan. It simply refreshed my world views and values! It looks like I have to be careful when making friends in the future"

In the excitement, there were a few impulsive people who wanted to rush up to the stage and give Gu Yien a lesson, but they were thankfully stopped by the security guards.

Gu Yien, who was full of panic, swept her eyes across all the angry faces. She finally had a taste of how Lin Wanwan had felt when she was being attacked by everyone previously.

However, she didnt have Lin Wanwans calmness. In the end, she could only slip off the stage while bearing everyones curses and scoldings.

Along the way, everyone who passed by her didnt hesitate to show their disdain and disgust for her.

All of these were close to driving Gu Yien crazy.

She rushed to the backstage and ran into two uniformed police officers.

They produced their documents and handcuffs. "Ms. Gu Yien, according to Xia countrys laws, your actions have constituted many crimes, including perjury. We will arrest you!"

"No, I didnt. It wasnt me"

Gu Yien shook her head in fear and tried to run.


A police officer restricted her movements while the other handcuffed her hands coldly.

"Why, why"

Gu Yien could not accept all of this.

Not too long ago, she was still proud of her victory. Now, she had turned into a prisoner and her future had been destroyed.

"Yes, I also want to ask you. Why?"

Lin Wanwan slowly walked out from the backstage entrance. When her quiet gaze met Gu Yiens stare of disbelief, she could not help but mock herself.

She mocked herself for actually realizing only now that Gu Yien had long hated her.