Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 639

Chapter 639 Cant Let You Live Forever But I Can Promise You Longevity

Chapter 639: Cant Let You Live Forever, But I Can Promise You Longevity
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"Lin Wanwan, youre still feigning ignorance with me now!"

Gi Yien swept her eyes across Lu Zhanbei, who was by Lin Wanwans side. The fire of jealousy in her heart burned up all her rationality, and she screamed without caring about anything:

"Dont think I dont know. Your kindness for me is all fake. Its to showcase how kind and superior you are!

"You have everything. A perfect boyfriend, a casual pick of movie and TV resources, and so many people liking you. Me? I have nothing. So you think you are qualified to pity me?

"I dont care! I find it disgusting!"

Lin Wanwan quietly listened and found it sarcastic.

"Gu Yien, youre ridiculous. Regardless if its fake or not that Im kind to you or if I had done it for any purpose, you have indeed accepted my help and obtained benefits. Your actions right now are like those of a person who visits a prostitute after having enough fun outside, you complain that the ladys skills arent good. What kind of bandit logic is that?"

Lu Zhanbei coughed lightly. It was the first time he heard such a refined interpretation.

Gu Yien was agitated, and her expression turned ferocious. "Shut up! Everything I did was so that I could lead a better life. What did I do wrong?"

"Youre not wrong. The person who was wrong was me," Lin Wanwan replied in a disinterested manner. She was suddenly no longer in the mood to continue talking to her.

"If I hadnt helped you back then, you probably wouldnt have taken this step. I have assisted you in your wild ambitions, but I have neglected the fact that you didnt have the ability to control your ambitions at all."

It was good that a person had wild ambition. If her personal will was too weak and her ambition became too strong, then she would be controlled by ambition and become a slave.

"Treat it that I wasnt seeing things clearly back then for choosing you. Whether you are good or bad in the future has nothing to do with me at all."

She wouldnt kick a man when he was down, but she would also no longer lend a helping hand to Gu Yien.

Gu Yien stared at her back view in a daze and looked like she had lost her soul.

After a long while, the tears in her eyes rolled out. As she tried to break free from the polices restraints, she cried heartbreakingly and said, "Wanwan! Sorry, I know my mistake now. Im regretting it! I know that you are sincere in treating me well. Please give me another chance and forgive me"

At this moment, Lu Zhanbei placed a finger on his lip and gave a low shush.

The two police officers immediately covered her mouth, preventing her from kicking up a fuss.

Lu Zhanbei walked over and stood in front of Gu Yien.

Gu Yien looked at him as his beautiful lips slowly curved into an extremely good-looking arc. That coupled with his handsome face, he was charming.

However, the next second, the words he said made her fall into an icehouse.

"Gu Yien, I will let you stay in prison for the rest of your life to make up to Lin Wanwan for the hurt youve caused her. Although Im not God and I cant let you live forever, I can promise you longevity."

His gentle voice made the two police officers develop goosebumps.

The longer she lived, the longer the years Gu Yien would be tormented.

Gu Yien widened her eyes in fear. She wanted to beg for mercy and scream for help, but she could only produce a crying scream.

Lu Zhanbei never looked at her again. His phoenixes were shockingly cold.

He was willing to respect that Lin Wanwan didnt want to fuss about Wu Chen maligning her.

However, whoever dared to break her heart, he would definitely make the other party pay a painful price!

At the Lin family, Lin Siqings biggest entertainment recently was to appreciate everyones criticisms for Lin Wanwan. She switched on her iPad happily and found out that Lin Wanwan was on almost all of the hot searches today.