Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 64

Chapter 64 Things Were Made Difficult For Wanwan

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Bai Xianxian walked over lightly and stopped in front of the Empress. She gave a grand bow bearing a distinguished air of elegance. “Concubine Bai Xianxian pays respect to the Empress.”

Hai Lan, who was playing the empress role, was dressed in a luxurious palace outfit. Her finger, protected by a jewel armor, lightly lifted Bai Xianxian’s chin. She gave a sneer.

“There’s only that much to it.”

Bai Xianxian smiled and tilted her head. “Empress, it is a great sin to insult the Emperor. Please mind your words!”

The empress scowled. “What do you mean by that?”

Compared to the Empress’s powerful aura, Bai Xianxian was like a delicate lotus. Her sweet voice and laugher charmed the men while making the women full of jealousy and hatred at the same time.

“The Emperor personally gave me the title of a Concubine. He also praised that I had the beauty of a roselle in front of civil and military officials of all ranks. However, Empress said that there’s only that much to me. Isn’t that insulting the Emperor’s tastes?”

She smiled so charmingly that even Hai Lan, as a woman, was taken aback and delayed her lines.

“You what a sharp-tongued Concubine Bai!”


Sure enough, An Qiao shouted to stop the filming.

An Qiao did not say much in front of so many reporters. He just waved his hand and said, “Another take!”

Feeling the looks of astonishment from all sides, Hai Lan bit her lips in embarrassment and could not help but glare fiercely at Lin Wanwan.

Lin Wanwan scratched her chin innocently.

Why was she in the picture when she did nothing at all.


Both of them got into their characters again.

The retake for the front parts was very successful. The Empress was provoked by Bai Xianxian, and she raised her arm, preparing to give her a slap.

“Concubine Bai, this slap will teach you to have regards for the hierarchy here. Learn this well!”

Bai Xianxian did not dodge. Her eyes flashed a hint of sadness.

She knew that the Emperor had brought her into the palace and showered her with love just so that she could balance out the power from the six palaces and suppress the arrogance of the Empress.

The cheerful youth in her memory had eventually changed after her successful strive for power and position.

However, she was still standing unmoving at the original spot.

“Camera 2, follow in and give Bai Xianxian a close up!”

An Qiao excitedly waved his hands around. Everyone was also infected by the sadness that Lin Wanwan radiated. They subconsciously held their breaths and stared at the gentle and weak but strong figure without blinking.

Nobody realized that a car had quietly driven in.

“We seem to be late.”

Gu Mo opened the car door but Lu Zhanbei did not have the intention to alight. There was no other emotions on his face.

“I’ll leave after taking one look.”

In his heart, Gu Mo rolled his eyes.

Yeah, for this one look, you rushed over from overseas and lost a lot of money alright!

This one look was really priceless~

Seeing that Lu Zhanbei kept staring at Hai Lan’s hand which was about to go down in a slap, Gu Mo hurriedly said, “She won’t hit her for real. She must be just borrowing the perspective”


A loud and clear slap echoed in the quiet space.



Gu Mo flew into a rage. She had really given her a slap on the face!

Looking at Lin Wanwan being hit, her head tilted to one side, Lu Zhanbei’s facial expression darkened. He almost instinctively stretched out his long legs and wanted to alight from the car.

“What is going on? Wasn’t it just borrowing the perspective? Did she accidentally miss the spot?”

“Hai Lan intentionally hit her? Did any of you manage to take photographs of this scene? Remember to send a copy to me. Once this is out, it will create another public uproar!”

Obviously, everyone including An Qiao did not think that Hai Lan would really give her a slap.

In an instant, the whole studio became noisy.

Looking at the red palm print on Lin Wanwan’s face, Hai Lan’s suppressed anger was swept away.

So what if she had deliberately given her a real slap?