Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 642

Chapter 642 Mr. Lu Is shy

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"Not at all."

Lin Wanwan didnt hesitate for a single second. She found pleasure in winning against Lu Zhanbei.

"Could it be that you are offended by the comments online about your appearance? Or are you bothered by the ones saying that we dont match?"

Lu Zhanbei looked calm as he shook his head. "You are overthinking. I just dont like it when people gossip about my personal life."

"Really?" Lin Wanwan smirked.

Lu Zhanbeis eyes squinted to a thin line. "Do you know the cost of doubting me?"

Lin Wanwan rolled her eyes.

Tsk, this man would never admit defeat.

Lin Wanwan logged in to Weibo again, thinking of fulfilling Lu Zhanbeis wish. Just then, she saw another post from Luo Han.

Luo Han: "To clarify, Lin Wanwans boyfriend is only one year older than me. The reason why I call him uncle is that he is my senior on the family tree."

Lin Wanwan smiled as she shared this post.

Lin Wanwan: "To add on, my man isnt fat and bald. His fair skin and long legs can get him into any beauty contest. This is the end of the topic, stop asking because my boyfriend is pretty shy."

Finally, the fans were relieved.

They didnt want to see their idol getting married to a grumpy old man.

Fans were sending their good wishes in the comment section, and anti-fans asked her to stop lying.

She was just a mere actress; if the boyfriend were really so perfect, why would he fall in love with her?

Not long after, they were slapped in the face once again.

Tang Chen: "Lin Wanwans description is pretty accurate. However, not only is he shy, hes also a little shameless. Also, taking about skin, mine is just a bit better."

Tang Chens appearance brought a wave of his fans to the discussion. When a real mogul showed up, all the haters hid their tails and ran.

Lin Wanwan shut down her phone and stretched her body.

Lu Zhanbei leaned close. "Im shy?"

"Do you prefer words like shameless and unprincipled?"

Lu Zhanbei stared into her eyes. "None of those words is what I want to hear."

"What do you want to hear, then?"

Lu Zhanbei gave her a smile so bright it was blinding.

While she was sunk into his beauty, his words sounded by her ear. "I want to hear I like you, or something more straight forward, I love you.’"

Lin Wanwan was immune to the playful Lu Zhanbei, but she couldnt take it when he became flirtatious.

Immediately, her face shadowed with a layer of pink.

Lu Zhanbei pulled her waist toward him as he muffled his voice.

"Say it now!"

Lin Wanwan could feel her cheeks burning as she tried to cover up her feelings with anger.

"Lu Zhanbei. Im warning you, I have accepted your clumsy confession, but dont take things too far!"

Was it really too much to ask his girlfriend to say that she loved him?

"What if this is my birthday wish? Would you fulfill my wish?"

Lin Wanwan froze for a second. "Its your birthday today?"

"Two days from now."

Lin Wanwans eyes sparkled as she changed the topic smoothly. "What gift do you want?"