Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 643

Chapter 643 Give Him Whatever He Wants

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"Other than saying things like I like you.’" Lin Wanwan had seen through his thoughts.

Lu Zhanbei didnt say anything, but his dark eyes gave out a sense of loneliness, like those of an abandoned puppy.

Lin Wanwan shook her thoughts off.

She subconsciously classified Lu Zhanbei as a dog.

She looked over cautiously, glancing at his peaceful side view.

She bit her lips lightly. Well knowing that the man was most likely putting on an act, she was still swayed by his expression.

The perfection that Lu Zhanbei always displayed was precisely why it pulled her string to see him showing any sign of weakness.

"Eh, what do you need? Tell me, and Ill help you get it no matter what."

"I need a wife."

Lin Wanwans lips twitched as she glared at him. "Forget it."

Lu Zhanbei is so "poor" that he has nothing but money, what else would he need? Just preparing a candlelight dinner and getting this over with would be fine.

Lu Zhanbei saw through Lin Wanwans tricks and destroyed them.

"I recall that you still owe me a favor. Ill use that right now to ask for an unforgettable birthday gift."

He emphasized the word "unforgettable," and his tone was a little flirtatious.

Is he hinting me to give my virginity?

What the hell is he thinking?

Although the requirement was high, she had to keep a promise.

"Fine!" She nodded.

Lu Zhanbei smiled. "Ill look forward to it."

Lin Wanwan glared at him before stomping upstairs to do some research.

Lu Zhanbei watched as she disappeared from his sight; the smile at the edge of his lip faded with her figure.

The girl was great in every way, but she wouldnt love him the way he loved her.

On the second floor, Lin Wanwan couldnt find any useful information after doing some research.

After pondering about it, she decided to call for help.

"Si Dada, if you have a girlfriend, what would you want as your birthday gift?"

Before Si Han could reply, Ruan Baoers voice came across the microphone.

"Your body!"

Lin Wanwan froze for a moment. What made her more speechless was that Si Han agreed to Ran Baoer.

"I think so too."

These two dirty bastards!

Lin Wanwan was about to end this meaningless conversation when Ruan Baoer questioned, "Is Mr. Lus birthday coming up?"


"Do as I say. On the day of his birthday, cosplay as a little fox and hide in a gift box. Ill act as the delivery man and send the box to him. He will open it and carry it to his bed, and hehehe."

Her final laughter was ambiguous.


Lin Wanwan cut the call without hesitation. On Weibo, she wanted to seek answers from her fans but was afraid that it would cause a commotion.

After browsing for a while, she accidentally tapped on the profile of "Ball."

He seemed like a great counselor, so its decided!

They had texted a few times privately, and he had never leaked their conversation, so Lin Wanwan had trust in this guy.

Lin Wanwan: "Ball, are you there?"

Ball: "Yes, anything the matter?"

He had replied almost instantly.

Lin Wanwan put the question on the table.

Ball: "Simple! Give him whatever he wants."