Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 644

Chapter 644 Is This The Only Way?

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Lin Wanwan: "He wants to hear the words I like you.’"

Ball: "Theyre just simple words of confession, so why dont you fulfill his wish? Could it be that you dont like him?"

Lin Wanwan: "Of course I do. I love him so, so, so much!"

The repeated "so" showed her sincerity.

Mr. Ball, who was sitting downstairs, felt all the frustration be swept away by her words.

Ball: "Why dont you say it, then?"

Lin Wanwan: "You might not believe this, but Im too shy to say it. Also, you have no idea how despicable he is! If I do as he says, he will force me to say shameful things every day. Im not falling for that!"

Ball: "Sounds like your boyfriend isnt that great a person."

Lin Wanwan: "Nope! He is the best man in my heart. Do you know what my ultimate goal is?"

Ball: "Mhm?"

Lin Wanwan: "Theyre to be the most successful actress; eat the best desserts; sleep with the best man. That man is the only one Ill be sleeping with all my life."

Ball: "I like that determination, and Ill always support you."

Lin Wanwan: "Thanks for that! Its getting late, and Ill sleep soon. By the way, dont tell anyone about our conversation, okay?"

It was okay if the media got a hold of the chat. However, if Lu Zhanbei ever saw it, it would be so shameful!

Ball: "It must feel great to be loved by someone like you. I believe that he will treasure anything that you give to him."

Lin Wanwan: "Yep! Goodnight."

Lin Wanwan took a shower after ending the chat and went to sleep without Lu Zhanbei.

The man in the living room read the chat on the screen again and again He could never get enough of it.

Finally, he saved the screen-shots into his gallery.

"Xiaoxiao, Wanwan"

Mumbling their names like a gentle spell, he finally felt at peace.

Lu Zhanbei knew that Lin Wanwans feelings toward him were far from "love."

However, he believed that they would be together for life, which would give her more than enough time to deepen her feelings.

Lu Zhanbei grinned and made his way upstairs.

Before reaching the bedroom door, hed habitually slow down his footsteps. He lightly pushed the door open and found Lin Wanwan in her sleep.

Lu Zhanbei walked to the bed and stared at her under the dim lamplight.

For some reason, he had the urge to take over her body every time he saw or touched her.

Lust was one reason, but the main reason was that he wanted a sense of security. Only when the bodies combine as one could he feel safe.

But for now, he felt peaceful just staring at her like this.

Lu Zhanbei lowered himself, and his rough palm slid across her cheek. "Dont ever leave me."

Lin Wanwan murmured in her sleep as she rubbed her cheek against Lu Zhanbeis hand subconsciously. Unfortunately, she couldnt see the mans loving eyes.

Lin Wanwans free for a few days, so shes been working on coming up with Lu Zhanbeis gift.

Up til the actual day, she had not come up with any brilliant idea.

Was giving him her body the only way left?

Lu Zhanbei didnt want to invite anyone for his birthday. The only company he wished for was Lin Wanwans.

The night had arrived. Lu Zhanbei came back to the Yun Mansion at eight oclock sharp.

Lin Wanwan was like an ant on a hot pan, and she was about to face her fate and take the only way out