Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 645

Chapter 645 Uninvited Guest

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The corner of her eyes saw a stack of cards on the desk. They were used to record her inspirations on the go.

She got an idea!

Lu Zhanbei stepped into the dining room and saw a deluge of delicacies on the table by the French window.

Not Western dishes, but Asian cuisines that Lin Wanwan spent the whole day making.

He smiled unnoticeably.I shall forgive this girl for the effort shes put into this.

"Welcome back."

Lin Wanwan had greeted him warmly. The moment she walked close to the man, he tugged her into his arms, and a kiss landed on her lips.

"This kiss is enough for my birthday gift."

Lin Wanwan froze for a second before smirking. "But Ive already prepared a gift for you."

Lu Zhanbei didnt see that coming. He lifted his brows in curiosity. "Let me take a look."

"Ill show you later. Lets eat for now."


The pair sat facing each other.

The atmosphere was great, and the floral scent in the air was enveloping them.

Lin Wanwan looked up and met a pair of wavy eyes.

His handsome face was making her dizzy under the gentle light.

Unfortunately, it quickly came to an end.

Butler Yings voice echoed in the dining room. "Sir, there are guests at the door."

"Who are they?"

Lu Zhanbei was visibly agitated.

Hed canceled Shen Zhiyi and Mo Chens invitation just for a night with Lin Wanwan.

"Its Master Lu."


The knife screeched against the plate.

Lu Zhanbeis voice came the next second. "Tell him to get lost."

Butler Ying was put in a hard spot. "The master brought his men here. He asked me to relay the message that he would force his way in if you dont open the door. He also said that you can forget about enjoying yourself after what you have done to him."

Lu Zhanbei knew that his father would do precisely what he said.

He was willing to give in for the sake of tonight.

"Let him in."


Butler Ying let out a sigh of relief. Moments later, well-suited Lu Zhengyu stomped into the room. He clicked his tongue as he studied the room.

Walking up to the table, he pulled a chair out and made himself comfortable.

"What a coincidence that I havent had my dinner. Lets eat together."

As he spoke, he took a pair of chopsticks and tasted the fermented fish dish.

"Who made this?"

Lin Wanwan replied with a simper, "Is it nice?"

Lu Zhengyu glanced at her, not hiding the disdain on his face. "The worst dish Ive ever tasted in this world."

His words got on Lu Zhanbeis nerves. "I made this according to Madam Yus recipe."

Lu Zhengyus expression went stiff. He glared at Lu Zhanbei before taking a few mouthfuls of the dish.

"Cant believe you are learning to cook now, how shameful! However, the dish tastes fine; it must be the recipe thats doing the work."

Lu Zhanbei smirked.

Lin Wanwan guessed that Madam Yu was the apple of Lu Zhengyus eyes.

When Lu Zhengyu was about to finish the entire plate of fermented fish, Lin Wanwan said with smiley eyes, "To be honest I made this dish. Thank you for your compliment."

As he heard this, the bite inside Lu Zhengyus mouth became hard to chew and his expression became a circus show.

He turned to Lu Zhanbei in a fury. "Bastard!"