Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 646

Chapter 646 Your Relationship Will Never Face The Light

Chapter 646: Your Relationship Will Never Face the Light
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Afterward, the three ate quietly, and no one said a thing.

Lu Zhengyu put a halt to his usual aggression, neither seeking trouble with Lin Wanwan nor scolding Lu Zhanbei as a senior.

A storm was brewing under the peaceful facade.

After the meal, Lu Zhengyu broke the silence as he looked at Lu Zhanbei. "I want to talk to you in private."

"There is no stranger around."

He showed no intention of avoiding Lin Wanwan.

Lu Zhengyus face sank a little. Before he could blow his fuse, Lin Wanwan lay down on Lu Zhanbeis thighs and covered her ears with headphones.

"Ill listen to music. You guys can just ignore my presence."

Lu Zhanbei patted her head like she was a cute animal, but his eyes were fixed on Lu Zhengyu.

"Old man, Im busy today. You have five minutes."

His attitude gave Lu Zhengyu a headache. He spoke after a while.

"Ill allow you to be together with Lin Wanwan."

Lu Zhanbei was surprised to hear that.

Lu Zhengyu continued, "Dont get ahead of yourself. I have my conditions."

Lu Zhanbei laughed. "As I thought."

Lu Zhengyus voice was resolute and didnt allow any room for negotiation. "You guys can be together forever, and I wont force another marriage on you. I will even let you have a baby. However! You can never expose your relationship to the public. It has to stay underground for life!"

Lu Zhanbei could see he was insistent on this.

He knew that this was the most generous compromise that Lu Zhengyu could come up with after balancing the boons and banes.

It was rare for the old man to take a step back like this.

Lu Zhanbei pinched the girls cheeks. "Lin Wanwan, what do you think?"

Although Lin Wanwan was on her headphones, she could read the words from Lu Zhengyus lips.

"I refuse," she sat up and answered. Her voice was soft, but it was powerful.

"I have never done anything illegal, and I didnt do anything wrong. Why do I have to be hidden like a mistress? I know that it was hard for you to take a step back, but Im sorry."

Lu Zhengyu didnt care about her opinion at all, but Lu Zhengyu replied next. "You heard it; she said no."

Lu Zhengyu had a glimmer of hope. "What about you?"

"Shen Zhiyi said that Im henpecked[a]. Shes right."


The atmosphere intensified.

Lu Zhengyus expression was wicked, and his murderous aura could almost solidify in the room.

He had given in to Lu Zhanbei to such an extent. To everyone else that might find out about this, the act was more than just losing a fight it was putting down all his pride.

He forwent the principles that had been adhered to by him for the past decades, yet Lu Zhanbei didnt want to take the easy way out.

"Lu Zhanbei, is that your final decision?"

He squeezed the words out of his teeth.

"Yes." One firm word with no hesitation.

Lu Zhengyus hawk-like eyes were ruthless. "What a son I have. You dont want to give in no matter how much I compromised for your sake. Why are you so stubborn?"

Lu Zhanbei smiled. "The fatherly image doesnt suit you at all."

[a]I dont recall "uxorious" being the original term used. Unfortunately, I also cant recall what Shen Zhiyi did say. Please check if this would do or replace with the OG word if you recall it, thanks