Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 647

Chapter 647 I Love The Gift

Chapter 647: I Love the Gift
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Lu Zhengyu frowned.

"You gave in to me not because you are being considerate as a father nor because you are clearing up the hatred between us. You are just a selfish man who wants to sacrifice my love for your success. But why do I have to sacrifice myself for a being like you?"

Lin Wanwan had no idea what was going on.

How would keeping their relationship hidden benefit Lu Zhengyu?

Lu Zhengyu stared with eerie eyes.

"Lu Zhanbei, since you are such a know-it-all, I have nothing else to say. We are both selfish, and if no one is willing to give in, I have no choice but to fight it out with you!"

He pushed the chair out, disregarding Lin Wanwans presence throughout the entire conversation.

"Regarding this, we will be enemies until the day I fall or you die."

Lu Zhengyu left the room with his threatening words lingering in the pairs hearts.

Lin Wanwan could tell that Lu Zhengyu was serious.

Although he had been going on about killing his unfilial child for a long time, it was just aimless complaints.

Even if he wanted to do anything to Lu Zhanbei, he knew that Lu Zhanbei could defend himself.

But now

Lin Wanwans finger pressed against her forehead as she turned to the composed man.

"What happened to your dad again?"

"He might be scared by your Weibo post."


Lu Zhanbeis lips curved. "Because one day, the whole world will know that we are together."

As this topic came up, Lin Wanwan showed her doubt from before.

"If he were willing to give in to such extent, it means that he didnt care about my background. Since thats the case, why was he going against our relationship going public? Is it really for the pride of the Lu family?"

That was the only answer she could think of.

"Maybe." Lu Zhanbeis bleary eyes were shadowed with mystery.

He denied Lin Wanwan the chance to question him further when he stretched his slender arm out.

"My gift."

" How are you still in the mood for your gift?"

Lu Zhanbei glanced at her like she was the weird one here. "Im even in the mood to get a couple of drinks. The condition, of course, is that you have to get drunk enough so that we can"

This man was hopeless.

Lin Wanwan rolled her eyes before rummaging in her pockets for a piece of card.

"Happy birthday! Here, your gift."

Lu Zhanbei was curious.

"One-year fiddle permit."

Lin Wanwan promises that with the possession of this card, no matter how much Mr. Lu Zhanbei messes around, no matter how unreasonable he is, she would always embrace his actions with a kind and forgiving heart.

There were even a formal signature and a fingerprint on the back of the card.

Lu Zhanbei chuckled, and he looked genuinely satisfied.

"This is the kind of gift I like."

Lin Wanwan let out a sigh of relief. Lu Zhanbei just might have wanted these vague promises more than materialistic presents.

However given his criminal records, would he take things a step further now that he had a shield?

Lin Wanwan felt a shiver down her spine.

She glanced at Lu Zhanbei, who was storing the card like a precious treasure with a big smile.

Lu Zhanbei cared about her so much, so he probably wouldnt use this opening to mess around with her, right?

After dinner, Lin Wanwan was exhausted. Working for a whole day in the kitchen was more draining than filming overnight.

The pair got to bed after taking a bath.