Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 648

Chapter 648 Lin Xiao Actually Liked Luo Han

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Lin Wanwan stayed in Lu Zhanbeis arms, and her head leaned against his firm chests. She couldnt stop worrying about Lu Zhengyu.

"Lu Zhanbei, should I give Si Han a call and warn him? It feels like your father is going to pull out his ultimate weapon."

"Sounds like a plan." Lu Zhanbei knew well how worried she was, but he had confidence in Si Hans ability.

"You have work tomorrow, so sleep soon."

"Okay, goodnight."

Lin Wanwan found a comfortable spot and went to sleep in his arms.

The man lay still in the night breeze, and the temperature in the room fell from his ruthless gaze.

Lin Wanwan got back to her busy schedule.

At first, she felt like she was walking on a tightrope, fearing that Lu Zhengyu would pull off a dirty trick.

However, shed been living a peaceful life for the past fifteen days.

She knew better than anyone that Lu Zhengyu wouldnt give up on breaking Lu Zhanbei and her apart, but she did feel more at ease.

When she was free, she would take Ruan Baoer to shop or have a meal with Shen Zhiyi. Things were going great!

Through auditioning, she managed to get the role of the dominant CEO.

The new shoot was far from starting, and "The Distance Just for You" finally announced its wrap under much anticipation.

Before the wrap party, Lin Wanwan dropped Lu Zhanbei a text, saying that she would be back late.

After a hearty meal, the group went to a KTV to have a karaoke session.

After a round of alcohol, Lin Wanwan stood by her limits and stayed sober.

Tan Zhiyue was the one who got a little drunk. He held onto her hands and exclaimed with his words tripping over one another, "Wanwan, I really have to thank you. You achieved my dream and remedied my regrets. Thank you!"

Lin Wanwan found the scene pretty hilarious. "Wasnt your dream to be the best director who wins every award?"

Tan Zhiyue took a moment to process that. "How did you know about that?"

"Uncle An Qiao said it."

"That chatty bastard," Tan Zhiyue yelled before he started laughing out loud.

Hed had quite a few glasses of drink, and his serious expression couldnt hide his humor. "My dream was to witness a lively Jin Yanran, and you did just that! Unfortunately, Jin Yanran didnt get together with Jiang Yi in the movie and in real life as well."

Lin Wanwan didnt know where to put her hands. "Director Tan, youve drunk too much."

"Let me tell you a secret: Lin Xiao actually used to like Luo Han!"


She did not!

Which idiot was spreading such a rumor!?

Just then, someone in the room started wooing. "Although Lin Wanwan has a boyfriend, tonight belongs to Jin Yanran and Jiang Yi! Wanwan and Luo Han, Ive picked a duet for you, please sing your hearts out!"

The crowd soon joined in on the farce. Even Lian Qi couldnt help but go along.

Just like that, Lin Wanwan and Luo Han had the mics forced into their hands.

Tan Zhiyue found his time to shine as he started ordering the pair like a director.

"Wanwan, show the affection of Jin Yanran toward Jiang Yi through your eyes. Luo Han, hold onto her waist. When its done, Jin Yanran will die in your arms and you can kiss her forehead."

"" Director Tan was more than just drunk; he was going insane.

If Lu Zhanbei were to ever hear this conversation, Tan Zhiyue might not have the chance to see another morning light.

Lin Wanwan didnt even have any intimate scenes with Luo Han in the drama, let alone now.

Sadly, her refusal garnered no result from the excited crowd. Luo Han didnt want to embarrass Lin Wanwan, so he was about to stop the mess.

Just then, the door squeaked open.