Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 649

Chapter 649 Goosebumps. The Jealous King Arrives

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Everyone subconsciously looked over.

A slender man was wearing a suit. The hidden blue tie revealed that he was mature and restrained. His facial features were defined. His pair of good-looking eyes swept across the audience, and the sense of oppression that radiated from him made everyone tremble and feel like they could not help but to surrender and worship him.

"How crowded."

His deep gaze landed on Lin Wanwans body the first instant. He curved his lips and smiled. It was extremely elegant, but it was also exceptionally dangerous.

Lin Wanwan felt goosebumps.

Oh my. Why is Lu Zhanbei here!

Luo Han was a little shocked too. The moment Tan Zhiyue saw Lu Zhanbei, he became sober.

"Lu Mr. Lu is here."

"I was bored so I wanted to take a look at the excitement."

Lu Zhanbei walked with his long legs and stood next to Lin Wanwan. He glanced at the big screen, then at the microphone in her hands. He gave an exceptionally gentle smile.

"So it turns out you were planning to sing a duet love song. Looks like the timing of my arrival is a little unfortunate. Do I need to leave?"

Lin Wanwan could sense murderous intent from his tone.

How scary!

Lu Zhanbei was a natural illuminator not only in terms of his appearance and temperament but also with that innate powerfulness.

Especially when he didnt deliberately restrain himself, even if he appeared harmless, the people who were in the same room as him still felt immensely pressured.

Luo Han handed the microphone over without changing his expression. "I dont know how to sing. Does Young Uncle know how?"

Everyone was stunned.

Young Uncle?

Could it be! This was Lin Wanwans official boyfriend?!

They bravely sized him up and realized he was indeed fair-skinned, handsome, and long-legged. He was also young and looked wealthy

A few girls revealed their fangirl selves.

It was just that Lin Wanwan described him as "shy." Was that for real?

Lin Wanwan didnt want to be lovey-dovey in front of so many people. She decisively threw the microphone away. "I dont know how to sing as well. Thats enough fun for today. Director Tan, Ill get going first."

"Ok. Goodbye!"

Tan Zhiyue could not wait to send Lu Zhanbei the Big Shot away.

Actually, he had long guessed that Lu Zhanbei was Lin Wanwans boyfriend. Now that he had confirmed his, on one hand, he sighed silently in his heart. On the other, he immediately broke out in a cold sweat upon recalling that he had actually dared to ask Luo Han to kiss Lin Wanwan.

Lu Zhanbei ignored Lin Wanwans urging looks. Instead, he pulled her along and sat down in a corner.

"Why are you in a hurry? Didnt you say you would party until late tonight? Its only just past 9 pm. If you think that Im a killjoy, I can leave immediately now."

"No, no. If Mr. Lu is willing to stay, it would definitely be our biggest honor!" Tan Zhiyue shook his head hard and smiled. Deep down, he was crying.

Lu Zhanbei naturally stayed.

Once he sat down, the people who were drinking no longer proposed toasts and the people who were singing became dumb.

It was as if everyone were students facing their discipline master. They sat upright and didnt speak a word.

If people who were not in the know witnessed this scene, they would surely think that they were having some big serious meeting.

Lin Wanwan had a headache. "Lu Zhanbei, Im tired. Lets go back and sleep."

Lu Zhanbei didnt move. "But Im not sleepy."

Seeing that he was refusing to leave, Lin Wanwan frowned and said deliberately, "Then Ill leave alone!"


Lu Zhanbeis straightforwardness received Lin Wanwans dissatisfaction in exchange. She looked at everyone, who was looking at one another quietly. She really felt that he was there just to punish them.